Thursday, November 1, 2012

made for you: blooming flower

My Blooming Flower is finished. 24 hours before deadline.
An overload of spring-colour photos

Pattern from Attic 24

Finished just in time for our daughter's 10th birthday - and she loves it.

This is my first back of the pillow. After a gentle press with the iron it finally laid flat after trying to take on the shape of a teacup for majority of the rounds.

Disaster struck about 9:30pm one night, when I was so looking forward to joining the two together. The front petals and the back row of petals didn't match.
Dissapointment was all over my face. Ask hubby. For the next 10 minutes I struggled to find where I went wrong. It was the third row on the back. I had missed this row of increases. Arg.

So I pulled out my scissors and cut the row out (at least I could reuse the centre two rows.)

 (sorry - phone photos)

After folding it and putting it aside to pull apart for a fellow crafters scrappy blanket, hubby had a wise suggestion: make it into a poncho for the girls dolls.

So I did.

and well-loved Tammi looks rather pleased.
At least a big boo-boo can be reused.
Sorry Emma, you missed out on a bunch of 'ends'...

 And so my crochet WIPs are all done. Actually, one isn't. The ripple blanket. That is what I have pulled out the last two nights, till I work out what I would like to make next. (my to-do list is rather long).


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  1. It looks great, and the doll looks very impressed with her new poncho :-)