Thursday, February 28, 2013

TISW {five}

from the sewing nook this week:

Tash over at little bit of thyme started a sew weekly link up at the beginning of the year. This has been the best push for me to use and enjoy my sewing machine, and make it a regular part of my weekly routine. It doesn't have to be a completed project each week, but just get behind and stitch. This week I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have spent a few evenings behind the machine.

273 squares were all sewn into rows of 13 and joined together. I haven't sewn so much pink fabric in a long time. And I don't plan to again for a long time. I have had my dose. But the young lady loves it, they are her colours, and she has made early evening conversation with me as picks out  her favourite squares while she irons the seams open for me. (anything to help mum get it completed and making her confident with an iron)
Now to start cutting squares for the next two quilts. 273 x 2... did someone say 546? Thankfully I have a small pile already cut from the pink quilt that will make their way into both other quilts - but they are not pink!!

The ripple cushion was backed and a cushion was inserted. It joined the collection on the daughters bed. Bright, happy and cheerful. 

Have you sewed this week? What is your favourite sewing project? Why not join in with This Is Sew Weekly over on Tash's page?  There are tutorials applenty out there, to help in all areas of sewing. Next week I hope to conquer my aversion to buttonholes and zippers. Where is Mum when you need her?


ooh la laa...

ooh la laa...

It has been a while since I received the sample charts from Bendigo Mills. I have looked and admired all the charts over and over and dreamed off all the lovely things that could be crafted from the beautiful colours. But I haven't had the courage to place an order. I have never ordered material online. Only books. Maybe it is because I just couldn't seem to justify ordering a small amount and it wasn't what I was after.

Yesterday, I found a gift to myself. Down at our little local craft shop. She does have some hidden treasures down there. There was only two 200g balls on the shelf, and those two balls went to the counter. Considering I went there looking for bamboo cotton, I came home with a smile.  Now I have to pluck up the courage again before I make an order.

Crochet Valance pattern, upcoming for the girls room.
pinned valance

I have had a valance pinned on pinterest and the pattern printed
 and filed for sometime, ready to make for the girls new rooms.
 This morning we had craft group. It was gezellig. All working on our own projects. I did manage to work out (finally!) which 
terms it was written in - after first bluffing it - and made a little headway. 
But the pattern drastically needs editing and line breaks added.

It truly is lovely working with a nice cotton again.  

And before you leave today, here is miss 5. Found her sitting on the windowsill  at the end of the day looking busy. I asked her what she was doing: "Stitching like Grandma". 
I think she needs a little one on one lesson, Grandma.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Quilt binding

I think I have it sorted. I have never quilted before so all this is new. Using the nice and clear tutorial from Canoe Ridge Creations by my side,  I managed to bind the edge of the dolls quilt.

I love how you can't find the join of the two ends back, and it just looks like a binding join. Apart from a few fine tweekings, and handstitching (I machine stitched this one) the back of the binding, I am ready and comfortable to face the binding for the bedspread quilts - when the time comes. Back to stitching those squares.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

TISW {four}

273+ squares cut.
Remnants cut into smaller lengths. 


 Another fat-quarter skirt.

 With the offcuts from the squares, I put together a little dolls quilt for a nieces birthday. Ready to research and tackle the binding.

Linking in with This Is Sew Weekly

oops, pink overload. :(

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All was quiet... & another WIP

All was quiet. The noise of the holidays disappeared. It was just me and the little lady at home. Routine is finally taking its place back in the home. I listened to her silent playing. Happy in her own world of polly pocket and playdough.

The quiet home is now (happily) disturbed by the noise of a carpenters tools. My carport has been transformed into a workshop. We have fine pine dust that now lines our shelves - or anywhere it can find a place to call home. The littlest has the carpenter playing polly pocket. How many carpenters stop to play for a bit each day and don't mind the small footsteps and littleones natter while following them?

It's great when Opa comes to work.

Another WIP. 


(I don't plan to photo-bomb this craft blog with our house project, just once in a while as it progresses, DV.)

crochet WIP

Current WIP and one completed sockmonkey beanie..

Miss K's new project - and mums when she feels like something that doesn't take a great deal of thought.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

TISW {three}

From the sewing nook this week:
It has been an issue for sometime. One of our daughters is forever being told to hitch up her waistbands. They don't stay up. Belts are a toilet-in-hurry-nuisance for the young lady. Adjustable waist bands are done nice and tight only to cause the buttons to dig in and irritate. And you can't stick velcro to their skin.

A very simple and straight forward sew-in-a-morning skirt with 2-inch elastic as the waistband. 
Pattern link: sewinginnomansland.
 (I added the striped contrast fabric as an extra which wasn't in their pattern.)

With an after school fitting, it looks like it might solve the low hanging waistband issue. But 2-inch elastic on jeans or shorts? Poor kid. I think a few of these skirts might be added to her wardrobe.
Now just to find some pretty-ier elastic band. Striped maybe?
Linking up with Tash's this is sew weekly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A new project

A new sewing project requiring 273 squares.

Bit of a challenge as I haven't really sewn a quilt of sorts or this size before.
Looking forward to starting to sew them together, and learning new things as I go. Hopefully next week it will be a progress photo of actually sewing, and not just cutting out.
(it has been just a tad too warm to sit and work with yarn this week...)

Friday, February 8, 2013


Just before school started for the year, we were able to go for a flying trip to visit my parents and grandparents some 400km's away. Going home to find Mum had fiddled with another craft. 
Bright and eye catching. 

Temari meaning hand ball.

(metal egg cups make the perfect display stand)

The polystyrene ball is first wrapped in yarn, then fine cotton thread. Divided into even divisions (the one above with pins is a 10 Division) with pins - having a north pole, south pole, equator and extra points..

Hand made balls for ball games?!
Read more about Temari here.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

TISW {two}

Linking up with This is sew weekly.

With the kids back at school since the beginning of the week, Thursday was quickly set aside to do some sewing.  I had my machine serviced back late last year and replaced a broken walking foot. Also with a  purchase of a new-for-me overlocker, I patiently waited the last 6 weeks of summer holidays to get back into some sewing and give both machines a run.

 With many ideas pinned on pinterest, I was eager to make a start. Untill the computer told me otherwise. Something was giving it grief, and I just couldn't get any links to work, and not even the inspiration link that was given me at school this early morning. (surprising blogger works.) Morning coffee came and went. I wanted to sew at least (or make a start) something today.

Re-looking at my small stash of cottons, I made a start on a Hobo Sack. Ready for my present box for a gift for somebody. Some boy. To collect his treasures. 

Did you sew today?


Monday, February 4, 2013

All is quiet

Short and sweet today.
School is back. Thanfully we had three eager beavers ready for school today. One even changing into school clothes after she was tucked in for the night. She never ceases to amuse us with her antics.

Our house is quiet after being so noisy and busy for six weeks, well to 3:30pm anyways. My blog has been quiet. My apologies. I just haven't really had the chance to sit and craft. But thats okay. Family first. Visiting blogworld has even been scarce.

Looking forward to getting back into blogging and sharing craft projects.