Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lucy Bunny {crochet}

Last week I posted the WIP of Lucy Bunny. Today I share with you the finished Lucy. She has worked up so well directly from the pattern. It sure was a delight to see her come together. She has been passed on to the little girl it was promised for. Just a year later...  Here are some snapshots of Lucy. She comes in on my favourites list for amigurumi crochet at the top with Froggy (on my banner at top of the page.)


 Lucy's Designer: Amigurumi Barmy
Printed in Inside Crochet magazine, issue 53
Yarn used: Patons Big Baby 8ply
Hook: F/5 - 3.75mm


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hello! It has been a while. We enjoyed some family time away during the school holidays, and the kids have all started school again. Life has gone back into some routine, we have dealt with the winter cold's and flu's, and have occasionally managed a bit of crafting. (sadly, the sewing machine is not accessible.)

A holiday treat is picking up a crochet magazine and curling up in the van while it rained and blew a gale outside, to read it. This one had this super cute bunny. I think it was the fabric ears that sold me on making it. Over a year ago I promised a handmade softie for a little girl that was born. She has just turned one, and it still hadn't been fulfilled. I knew the house would really cut into my craft time and that is ok. But I found some yarn, and started it. I couldn't put it off any longer!

And there is good news. The designer shared her blog and you can find Liz's blog here, for a whole lot more cute amigurumi patterns. For the link to her blog post about the bunnies she makes click HERE. The pattern available in her Etsy store.

I took the stripey-as-you-go blanket from my last WIP post along on our holidays, but it just didn't progress as much as I thought. Since being home, I have enjoyed picking it up from next to my chair and completing a few more rows.

Lastly, there is our family WIP. After two days this week of sanding the gyprock, we have the stairway, passage and kitchen/desk area ready for painting. And once that painting is done, we look forward to the carpet on the stairs and some floor coverings. (yes we are on bare, unpolished concrete!)

And then we get to tackle the dinning and lounge.