Thursday, June 9, 2016

easy tote bag {sewing} and sharpie-art

Ready for some sharpie-art fun? Great idea for the school holidays or a birthday party! I have included my easy-to-sew tote bag for you. Any questions, please ask! Pinterest Link Pin for later.

Goods needed:
:: light weight canvas
:: calico {pre-washed}
:: webbing tape
:: matching thread

cut x 1 from light weight canvas {patterned one in picture} 13.5inch by 14.5inch
cut x 1 from calico {pre-washed} 13.5inch by 14.5inch
cut x 2 from lightweight canvas 13.5inch by 2inch {facing}
cut x 2 60cm webbing tape

Lay webbing tape 3 inches from either end as in picture. Repeat for the calico piece.
Lay the facing right sides together, sandwiching the webbing tape in between. Pin in place.

Stitch seam making sure you catch the webbing tape.
{I used my overlocker/serger for all seams} 
Press seam.
Overlock/serge/zigzag the raw edge of the facing.
Repeat steps above for the calico piece.

Using the two pieces with right sides together, matching seams and facing open, sew around three sides leaving the top open.
(I forgot a photo of this step!)
Turn right way out.

Flip the facing to the inside and press. 
Stitch facing down all the way around. Finish off with optional press stud closure.

Now it is ready for that sharpie art!

 Place a piece of cardboard/folded newspaper/junkmail catalogues inside the bag to make sure the sharpies don't got through to the back fabric.
And away you go - have fun!

Once your design is completed, go over using a hot dry iron. Enjoy that tote!

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