Friday, November 23, 2012

mail: bendigo mills

After a quick email, I got mail - in the letterbox.
(I really miss getting handwritten letters in the mailbox. Those days are really gone...)
 colour choice aplenty

 Alpaca. One day. Something special I think.
(look at all those nice 100% cotton colours...)

Thanks Bendigo Woolen Mills. You shall be hearing from me as I plan my bedrunners.

Have you ordered from Bendigo before? Love to hear from previous Bendigo shoppers. What was your experience? How did you find the quality and how about pricing?


1 comment:

  1. I've only used their Luxury yarn Leanne, and I definitely wasn't disappointed, probably the nicest yarn I've crocheted with so far. The cost is pretty good when you factor in that they are 200gram balls, and it's 100% washable wool which is 'grown' and 'made' in Australia, which seems to be an exception nowadays! Their postage is pretty fast too :-)