Thursday, January 17, 2013

button letters

Holiday Activity - for the three girls.

And it did keep them busy. Then they tipped them from one container to another and watched them bounce on the table and the floor. It did the job. Kept them amused.

With the older sister in charge of the glue stick for miss 2, all three girls completed their initial, for an extra bit of colour for their rooms
. (no, we don't have a Ken living in this house!)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TISW {one}

How could I not resist to join up with this weekly challenge for 2013?

All that my machines have done the past two weeks is collected dust. 

Late last year I set up  made room and claimed a small portion at one end of the kids activity desk for my machines, with the plan of doing a whole lot more sewing. Right smack bang in the middle of all the noise, so I can keep an eye on things. With the sewing machine just serviced, and the replacement of a new walking foot (how do I love the walking foot!), material patiently waiting to be unfolded and pinned to pattern pieces, I am itching to start. But I must prioritize.

I can even hear my crochet hooks calling, complaining about neglect.

Thanks for the initiative and I will get there, Tash! Anyone else planning on joining up?


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Made for you: Sock monkey (beanie style)

I found this pattern and just couldn't resist to have a try and making one. 
My youngest was a very happy model for sizing but wasn't too happy she couldn't keep it. 

It was made using double strand 8ply and a 6mm hook for the chunky look. Made from acrylic for easy care.

 He doesn't look too impressed on being bagged up on leaving our family does he? Hopefully he will be loved by his new owner. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Made by Me: craft book review

This blog post I hope to share a craft book. 

Meet Kirsty. Handmade. Handstitched. Thanks to a very easy to read and understand craft book, aimed directly at children, this has kept our daughter busy for the last year. Brought out of hibernation every so often, and finally finished off this week.

I came across this book Made by Me by Jane Bull, published by DK, last year sometime and promptly bought several copies. One for our bookshelf and the rest into the present box. 
The book itself covers hand-stitching, embroidery, felt softies,  Knitting: finger knitting, wooden doll knitting to step by step using knitting needles.
 I'll share a few photos from the inside of the book: 

 Clear and straight forward photos to help with the sewing process. Sewing pattern for the doll at the back of the book and simple clothes to dress the doll. 
**Note: hair was added by stitching yarn after looking at images on google.

 ...and so Kirsty is added to her softie collection...
This book was originally purchased from our local Big W. I have seen it also published as part of a craft folder by DK. 
This book is available online from good book selling websites for approx $12. A great investment for hours of entertainment for years to come.

Love to hear if you have a good craft book you could recommend?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

made for you: dressed by you activity

It is holiday time at home again. 
It is 9:30 in the morning. 
It is a cooler day today - relief from the last humid 40 degree days we have been having. 
It is washing catch-up day. 
It is housework catch-up day. 
It is also sleep catch-up day. The youngest is asleep for an early morning nap. The next one is having quiet time in mums bed. The boy is playing lego. The oldest has found her crochet ripple pillow in the lounge. Mum is having a bit of time on the computer finishing off some half written blog posts.

Here is a craft activity box that I put together beginning of December. I had this idea pinned on Pinterest for a while thinking it was a great way to use up scraps. With a birthday invite to a friends 5th birthday, we completed a box for her thinking it was rather quite age-appropriate. I had two pairs of eyes watching, and wondering if mum printed spare dolls or cut up spare material, and "who are those extra boxes for?" 
(Love the things you can do when the children are at school and they think you do housework all day!) 

On the quiet I put together to more packs for our oldest two girls for camping, and placed in their activity bags.

They did a beautiful job and thoroughly enjoyed cutting up their "own" material. Miss K even crocheted chain and joined her dolls together, all ready to decorate a bedroom.

Some of Miss E's dolls forgot that suncreen is important when camping and are patiently waiting next to my chair to be crocheted into some bunting for her. Her Oma (Grandmother) even sat down next to her at the camping table and helped her. And no she didn't forget to dress one; they are her bathers :)

The only down side? I didn't print enough dolls. Off to print some more. 


Friday, January 4, 2013

made for me: crocheted necklace

One of my very first crochet projects was this necklace. Ever since I have wanted to make one for myself, but I kept myself busy with other projects.
A few weeks ago, I laid all other projects aside and made one, and very happy with how it has turned out. Ready for summer outfits.
Pattern link: Here.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 into 2013

A few days late, but still wishing my readers a happy new year.

It is hard to believe where 2012 went. We can reflect on a year of happiness, sadness, challenges, enjoyment and many rich blessings to count daily from our Father.
Once school had finished for the year, we could get away for a family holiday under peppi trees and possums, enjoy some extra camping company and celebrate our Saviour's birth on Christmas Day with my parents and sister who travelled down for a beautiful day.
Plenty of relaxing under pinetrees on green lawns, bit of craft and crocheting, loads of swimming and after dinner sunset family beach walks - and surviving a heatwave with out air conditioning!
But we are now back to reality, and back to normal household duties, looking forward to swimming lessons. Back to hopefully squeezing in some craft/crocheting and sewing and sharing some projects.
(above project post coming up)
Wishing you all still a pleasant holiday time.