Monday, August 27, 2012

Krista Throw - all done

I am very happy to share that I have finally completed my Krista Throw from Spotlights weekly block-release.

It will no longer be sitting in the basket on our lounge table waiting for another couple of minutes here and there...


Measuring approx 100cm x100cm
Being a sampler blanket, there are lots of different techniques used based on a couple of basic stitches. I am looking forward to using these in different projects.  It is not my ideal type of throw, with it all being different, but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. Given a chance, the girls would claim it, but no, it will remain mine!
It was completed unfortunately during a time of physical unwellness and emotion that was placed on our path, so it will definately not be leaving our house. Instead it is all folded up on our wooden box in the lounge, with special memories and ready to grab for those snuggle-moments on the couch.
With another throw being a WIP and that has to be completed with in the next few weeks, I am also tempted to start another little project too, and then there was a young daughter that has requested a scarf to go with her new sunday outfit. My hands won't be idle. 
And before you go, also check out Bec's Krista Throw over at Belle Cherie Handmade, which also turned out beautiful.
Wishing you all a good week.

Friday, August 24, 2012

excitement over grannys

We had excitement in the house last night, after there was bedtime-quietness from the young ones. Miss K (9y/o) had finally finished her last granny square for her cushion front that she is making.

She was so eager to start the joining process, she snuggled up on the couch with pleading eyes that said: 'I don't have to go to bed for another half an hour, please can you show me'. With my own eyelids extremely heavy, I showed her once, and away she was, and we got to enjoy her natter while she was busy.

I chose the ridge way of joining, as to me that's the easiest to teach and understand.
The colour choice is all hers with her using a bright green to join, as her quilt has a bright green in it. Although rather repititious, she has learnt to start each square now by herself, change colours and even the no-three-chain-turn for starting a new round! I am just wishing I had given her a bigger hook (she used a 4.0mm) so the squares would be a bit bigger!
This morning she was very happy to sit in the back of the car on the way to school, with it tucked under her arm, and she completed the second row of joining. As much as I am tempted to finish it for her, I know I will be in trouble for doing it, and I am not even allowed to make a fleece backing for it. She is determined to make one big granny square for the back.
I will just have to wait till 3pm pick up (reminds me, I had better put it back in the car!) and I can see what will happen after school seeing its friday, and no homework required!
It makes me have happy thoughts, that she will look back in years to come and see a project that she completed, with new skills, nearly all by herself.
Wishing you all a great relaxing weekend. One planned for this household!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

made for you: simple & girly

When my daughter received a party invite, my brain went into overdrive.
Something simple, and something girly, something I could whip up quickly (like in an afternoon sitting of quiet time, oh plus a bit of time in the evening darning in the ends).

and after a quick trip to the shop and a look in the gift box in the cupboard, I have a cute little granny-square bag fit for a little miss turning 5. Which little girl doesn't like having a bag to carry her treasures in?

Notepad and pencil, and tissues like mum, and a matching necklace and bracelet to look all pretty... little fiddly stuff 5 year olds enjoy!

Now the pattern...? I saw a similar one pop up in my newsfeed on facebook the otherweek, and thats where I got the idea from. But the pattern is my own. Two granny squares, joined together on the three sides and add a carry strap, and then have fun darning in all the ends from the various colour changes.

Easy and simple. And girly.

Enjoy your week.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar

A few (quite a few) months ago I started this Amigurimi Hungry Caterpillar that I came across on Ravelry with a link to this blogspot. But as things go, I got sidetracted with other projects.
Last week, our kindy-going daughter did the Hungry Caterpillar topic at school, and that just gave me the enthusiasm to get this one cute caterpillar finished.

I had completed the red head, and two green balls of the body, before I had stashed it away. Then our youngest got the Eric Carle book for her birthday (yes we never had it!!) 
So last week, stretching over to this week, I completed the last 6 green balls, and then had the fun of stitching it together to get the arch shape, and then crocheting the little legs and antennas, and making the spikes down the back.

Emma patiently watched and waited for it to be complete, helped me find some buttons for the eyes,

and then this morning after the school run, while the towels were still washing, we all sat near the warmth of the heater, her and her younger sister busy with a Hungry Caterpillar colouring page,

and I completed his last leg, stitched it on, and took some photos.

After a trip to school for show&tell, he will make his home up on the bookshelf, with all the books.

One UFO turned WIP, finished. Now I must finish my Krista Throw and the Bouncing Ball Throw before I get sidetracted again... ahem.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rainbow Bunting

The other week, a fellow crafter and myself thought we would start a Facebook Craft Group for members of our church, to share our WIP's and our favourite crafts or anyone looking for help with their project.

To start the group off with a bit of fun, I organised a CAL for those interested, releasing a row of instructions per day. It was simple but effective. We used this pattern as our basis, but joining together was to individual likening. Here is my rainbow bunting of the last week.

Making a choice of colour was rather difficult. I opted to go for the rainbow colours, bright and happy for birthday and celebrations, rather then for a bedroom theme colour. Others in the group made bunting for room decor - really the use is unlimited.

My pile of colour.

Joining the bunting. I have worked 3 rows of dc along the top, all going from left to right, so I can easily add more bunting if desired. (which I plan to do!)

Blocking the bunting.

Hanging today, ready for birthday dinner tonight. Just need to add balloons.

I also have another WIP nearly finished which I am keen to share with you, as this one was started months ago, and then packed away after other interesting projects came along. But happy to see this one nearly finished. Check back soon!