Monday, November 19, 2012

made for you: summer dress

With summer almost popping its head around the corner, and the purchase of those Red Shoes, I completed my WIP on friday. Our little miss-2 loves any skirts or dresses, and will only wear shorts or pants if she really has too. She calls them a wee-skirt or a wee-dress, because when you do twirly-whirls, you say "weeeeeeeeee". So I had to look for a pattern with frills. More frills the better. I borrowed a childrens sewing book by Ottobre and used the skirt pattern from a dress that I liked, and altered it to fit the bodice.
My sewing machine had a bit of a belly-ache at first, and wasn't happy stitching for once. After a bit of oil, new needle, lint removal and some good thread, it was happy to go again. (its is in dire need of a service) With it being my first project to use fabric and crocheting together, I am very happy how it turned out, and so is little miss.
Here is the link to the bodice pattern. I did alter it slightly - I made the straps a little longer, and also added more rows at the bottom where it joined the dress - top pic. A very simple pattern, and quick to make too.

I machine stitched the bodice to the skirt, and surprisingly you cannot find the stitching back!
 With the bodice made from 95% cotton, 5% silk, and the skirt being open and loose, it is going to be nice and cool for summer.
 The hems of each frill was finished with a small, close zigzag.
 A matching headband quickly whipped up from here, thanks to Bec for the link!
pretend play yesterday - heels just finish it... :)

and for a two-year-old, it does the perfect 'weeeeeeeee......'
and what I like best about this dress... is that it isn't pink. or purple. and it is still so ever girly. must be those frills.
Its ready for the wash. I really dislike washing things for the first time.


  1. That turned out beautiful Lee!!
    Beck xx

  2. That is just beautiful!! I love it!! I really need to come and see you for sewing lessons :-) x