Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LMCG: finished item

Back in July school holidays I held our first LMCG with four young girls (ages 9 & 10). I taught them how to make the basic granny square.
Today I get to share with you the work of one of the girls because I think she has done really well. 
She figured out how to join them, and she even did a picot edging with the guidence of her mum.

And she managed to complete it last week (not sure how much homework was completed that week!!) just in time for your younger sisters birthday - and this blanket for her dolls cradle was so well received.

I just think of the years to come, of the special memories this blanket will have. Older sister's first crocheting attempt and given to her younger sister for enjoyment.
(I know another one of the girls has also been steaming along with her crocheting, and even managed to make granny triangles like bunting. Might just have to see if I can lay my hands on her work aswell!)
And the girls all agree with me, it's time we hold another LMCG. If only term 4 wasn't so busy...

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