Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Colour overload!
Linking up with Bec from over at handmadeandhome. Always a little bit of time here and there for a bit more progress.
This week I have finally made some headway on the quilt from the previous post, and another book-based floor pillow made it to the cutting board. The scrap-busting granny stripe has also grown and we have received part of the yarn order for the as-we-go-stripey blanket. (this looks like a fun blanket to do, involving different stitches and colours each row.)

This maisy material was gifted to me some time ago. So happy to have finally put it to use. It's nearly done, and super cute. Check back soon!

Last night I put my daughters maths to the test. 
77 clusters of 3 trebles makes the length of the granny stripe = 231 plus 1 for the starting/finishing treble. = 232 trebles per row. 
double that for each colour = 464 trebles per colour. 
times that by 26 colours = 12064 trebles so far on the blanket. 
That's a lot of yarn overs and pull throughs :) 
Dare you to do the maths on your current blanket.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

crochet: grannystripe

In amongst all the rubble and building supplies, there has been a little bit of time here and there to sit and crochet for a few minutes. While waiting till I could decide on what next big blanket pattern and yarn to use, I wound up all my scraps of 8ply acrylics and started on a nice bright and colourful, 150cm wide granny stripe blanket.

The sewing room also very quickly became a storage room, but with the need for the boxes of winter clothes it has slowly come to life again. I have a birthday in 4 weeks, and there is a quilt that should be finished. Nothing better then a race against the date. And then the next girlys birthday is 4 weeks after that. And her quilt should be finished too. And I should get the pins back to their rightful owner. I had better get busy.

I had better get busy.


House Update {eleven}

It has been a year almost to the day, that the major house renovations started, with the removal of our old roof and the addition of the second storey pod. With last house update back in November, here are some more progress photos. In the heat of summer, the three front windows were pulled out and replaced, enjoying alfresco dining for a day.

The lounge and dining room have all been gyprocked and flushing in progress.
Goodbye kitchen of 13 years.

Hallway starting to appear.

Lovely lino from underneath the cupboards. When we first bought the house, they had this lino covered in a red carpet. In the kitchen of all places.

How we currently use the kitchen while we wait for the new one. Fridge and cupboards haven't been moved. Coffee facilities are in the pantry ;) No fancy meals coming out of here for a while.

Studframe love notes. 
Rebuilding the old bathroom into my pantry. We took out the old window and gyprocked all the walls, and put in some powerpoints.

Rather then disposing of a still-very-useable benchtop, we shortened it a little and placed it in the pantry, along with the chest freezer. 
And that is the end of this update.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sewing: duffle bag

Back before school swimming lessons started, I followed this tutorial and made missy muffet her own duffle bag. Not too big, and not too small. The tutorial uses laminated cotton for the outside, pockets and lining, but I opted for just a laminate cotton for the outside, and a cotton for the lining and ruffle pockets.