Thursday, November 15, 2012

made for you: millie (monday) monkey

Meet Millie. Monkey Made on a Monday Morning.
Made for a special friend, who I got to have a catch-up visit with. I chose to make Millie out of a pair of Explorer socks (nice thick socks that are generally worn inside workboots) because of her love for the outdoors. **So happy I could find female coloured Explorers - and striped at that!  And to be honest, I will make future sock monkey's out of Explorers too. I am so much happier with Millie then Rio. I think it is because of the thickness of the socks.

 I wanted to have the Explorer sock tag visible so made sure that I cut the right sock for the legs. I also wanted to leave the fluffy-rolled top that Explorer socks have, visisble.
It is a relatively easy pattern to follow, using machine and handstitching, with beautiful clear photos.

 Rio and Millie

pattern link: Sock Monkey from CraftPassion.

**photo update: during cooking dinner time last night, master 8 comes into the kitchen and proudly tells me that he has "found a pair of socks in his cupboard, that would make a nice sock monkey for his birthday" (it's not till next October.) This morning I found it pinned up on my board. Thank you son. Consider it done. Another one to join Rio coming up.**

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  1. Love them, Leanne!!! And love Mr 8s plans for another one. :) My miss loves coming up with ideas and projects for me too. :)