Monday, March 25, 2013

house project update {one}

It's not a craft post this morning but one for family and friends abroad wanting to following the renovations currently taking place. Updated photo of progress as of last Thursday. Apologies for the bad quality photos :(
see those little windows on the RHS? that is where the cotton valance will hopefully make its new home. 

 new front entry way slab poured.
and one photo to make you smile for the rest of the day - I love the cheeks - oh and I will ask her to check how many fingers she has on her hands when she comes home I think!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

cotton valance: sneak peek

I have finished one of the two valances. 900mm wide (for 600mm windows). The cotton from Bendigo has been very nice to work with. The pattern is only 11 rows and repeated, and after 8 repeats, I still cannot memorise the pattern. This makes it a work-in-progress that requires concentration, but seeing it works up quite quickly, it doesn't matter. Just important to note which row you finished at...
In a drastic need of a gentle block. I just pulled it into shape and made sure I didn't stretch it. 
Next update photos of the valance will hopefully be in the windows.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

TISW {seven}

shh... its all quiet here this afternoon. with three sleeping children under three. never had that before in this house. so a quick update from the sewing corner this week: 
joining in with this is sew weekly.

Today I sewed. The rain was pouring down again. Thunder was making it self known. Such cosy inside weather. In March! Washing wasn't drying fast enough in this weather to be folded. Yet. 
Two children were eagerly discussing going outside to play - "because the grass isn't getting wet, only the road...!" Thankfully they kept themselves happily amused inside. For ages. And the littlest one was away in la-la land. Having a good snooze.

Just something small and easy, in between fixing a derailed thomas and friends, having baby cuddles and spooning babyfood, to add a bit of a personal touch to my camera. Very straight forward - two bits of long skinny material, sewn together, turned the right way out, for a very nice snug fit around the camera strap. Good-bye bold red words. 

Also this week squares have been cut. Another 273, and sewing has begun on another quilt top. (and that isn't pink you see. That is watermelon-colour...)

Parcel man came this morning, nice and early, with the long awaited material for the last one. Cutting can begin again.
 Beautiful fabric, from the Riley Blake Delighted range.

Off to prepare dinner before they all wake up... Oh this rain is wonderful! What a wonderful day it has been.


Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend reflection

'...Thunders roar and lightnings glare,
God's voice strips the forest bare...'
psalm 29 rhymed version

This has to be one of my favourite psalms. It has been for many years. My children give me a smile from the pew when we have sung it in church. They know. My siblings would remember from my childhood years. It speaks so wonderfully of the power of God. 

The weekend has come and gone. The children are happily back to school. 

Last night we were woken up and I didn't mind one bit. It was thundering and lightning. After nearly 4 months of hot, dry weather, it poured down with rain. 
It made me feel so happy. I love rain. 
The gardens have soaked it all up and the grass looks instantly greener. There are still droplets on the plant leaves.
There are puddles outside. The youngest walked in them with her sandals. 
It is something you must do as a child. 
It just made me wish a little bit more for winter to hurry up. But we need the seasons. They were all carefully planned by Him.

And the forecast is for showers with storm clearing this afternoon. Hopefully we hear more pitter patter on our roof before the day is done.

What a beautiful way to end a weekend/beginning. 


Friday, March 8, 2013

picture story

 picture story of our weekend that flowed over into our week. a long weekend with an added student free day. just what we needed. a mid term break. no one complained.

no more front door. for a while.


 **bad smartphone photo**
 ten more instruction books completed. 4 hours later.

 a day babysitting a handsome little guy. on his birthday. how special.

and it is friday. i just knew this week would disappear. wishing you all an enjoyable and refreshing weekend.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

TISW {six}

from the sewing corner this week:
a lovely over the shoulder bag. perfect for transporting my cotton project. ideal for youth group. 
loved the darts at the bottom for shape. loved the simpleness of it. loved the easy-to-read tutorial. 
love how it is totally reversible. 
this pattern is a keeper.

tutorial link: very purple person dot com

{this is sew weekly}
linking up with this is sew weekly.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review: 365 Things to Make and Do, RIGHT NOW!

A while ago I shared a kids craft book called Made by me. Another favourite book with our children is 365 Things to Make and Do Right Now! The title says it all. It has papercraft to felt, yarn, toilet rolls and old socks and using many other items that can be found from around the house. Being a nice bright and colourful book it will be one to keep them busy, for many hours.
I'll leave you with some sneak peaks of the inside of the book.

We purchased this one from our Dymock bookstore, here in Perth city. $16.99 for 224 fun filled pages. I have seen it available also on line. Booktopia I think it was.