Friday, June 21, 2013

House update {six}

Progress is still happening, even though it isn't really visible from the outside. We have power upstairs and the plumbing is all connected and ready to go. Bathroom and ensuite tiles have been chosen. The gyprocker has finished and paint - here we come! (Maybe no more crafting for a while...)
Helping make the porch trusses

A bit more masterwall installation.

 Oh no! That is Zebi. Hours worth of handmade work going down a dusty slide. 
**He was quickly removed, dusted off and placed back in a bed** 
Please Opa, don't remove the slide :( it might not be suitable for the kids to go down, but its great amusement for the softies. 

 Last flight of stairs almost complete
The slide was removed :(


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh to be at school again

Oh how I wish to be at school again, with the music program offered and to be part of a school band!  Actually, no not really,  I wouldn't trade my duties for anything really.

This past weekend, as a family we were able to attend a concert put on by our Schools Bands. It was beautiful. To see so much interest, talent and appreciation still for classical music and also in the choir.

We also had a most wonderful opening performance by the CES (special needs students) on their drums. I just loved seeing these students so involved in their rhythm!

It brought back memories of my time back in high school, nearly 20 years ago. There was a lady that gave her time and even brought her newborn twin daughters in capsules (this was after school) and helped a group of interested students to get our music notes in tune and somehow together. Going by my memory we had percussion instruments, recorders, tenors, trebles and even a nightingale and a cuckoo. I remember having a great deal of fun, seeing water coming out of the nightingale instrument and really enjoying the moment when it actually sounded like The Toy Symphony.

You can listen to this one on you-tube. Ours was a little shorter. :)  But if you listen carefully you can hear the cuckoo and the nightingale. Toy Symphony - Youtube.

We practiced and performed during the Albany Eisteddfod in the Town Hall, and we all overcame our nerves before playing Saturday night at the winners concert.

Love to hear if you were part of this group and what you remember. One day soon I might try to dig up my pile of music and see if I still have my copy.
I looked through my music but couldn't find it. Love to know if you kept a your copy. I did find the adjudicators award notes though :) and it was entered as a Recorder Group - I had that memory right. Not a bad guess for 20 years ago either. It really doesn't seem that long ago. Makes me feel old.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Crocheted: Varigated Cardigan

Another beautiful cardigan and worked in a variegated yarn. I lengthened the bottom section of the cardigan rather then making it crop length and also added a row of crabstitch going up and down the front opening and around the neck.
I used one and a half 50g balls of Taradale yarn bought sometime ago from our local craft shop. It is 70% wool and 30% soybean protein. Sounds nearly edible! I loved that it had decent variegated lengths of different colours. 

Ravelry Link: Urban Girl Crop Cardi


Upcycled: Horse

Three weeks ago we picked up this lovely horse from a Gumtree add for a song. The fact that it was handmade and that someone had previously spent hours making it, together with that bright red saddle, sold it. It was from a suburb not at all close to home, and I couldn't really justify the time to go and pick it up that week - until someone mentioned to tie it in with a trip to ikea... 
It had been well loved, the mane and tail were rather matted, there were major oil-based paint runs, parts of it weren't even painted, but underneath it was solid. 
I was on a bit of a tight schedule for this one, and over the next few days I thoroughly enjoyed making the extra mess and dust in the house -a little bit more to add to the tradies. 

Painting woes

 A visit to spotlight for some new vinyl, fur FQ and some upholstery tacks.
 The white, waterbased, semi-gloss paint from the doors and doorframes came in handy.
 As did my quilters ruler and cutter

Go Checkers!
Do you enjoy upcycling? Is that the word you use for bringing something back to what it was in its hey-day? Or should it be renovated? But a renovated horse just doesn't sound right.
Wishing you all a good week.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crocheted: Zebi

Zebi the griaffe. 

A good stash-buster. I used all 8ply acrylic with a 3.25mm hook, so it is crocheted rather tight. I was then able to stuff all the bottoms ie bottom of legs, arms, body and the nose section with stuffing pellets and then with polyester filling, making the giraffe a nice weight and being able to sit with out being supported. 
It measures 40cm from the tips of his toes to the tip of his horns.
I don't often repeat doing a project, but I would love to see this one worked up in a beautiful cotton.

Pattern from Emma - a fellow Australian -  from
It was her first attempt at writing a pattern and it has turned out really well. Thank you Emma for the pattern and making it free.

Zebi, hanging on for dear life as he is taken away into the world of imagination, where there are green grassy paddocks with white fences and endless horse jumps. Oh to be 3 again.

And why the name Zebi? Because he is stripey like a Zebra. (children's thinking)