Monday, September 16, 2013

sewing: quilt tops - they are back!

I have dug them out of hiding, and after sorting some backing and batting, I was shown how to layer them last week. I am getting excited about getting them all finished now. Actually, the girls are just as excited. I would love to just sit and sew them, but there is painting that just needs to be done, and painting fairies don't exist!

Here are a few bright progress photos for today. 
 Two more waiting patiently.
I just couldn't resist. I just had to stitch a few seams. 

The postie also brought some happy bits to my letter box this week. Here is a little link. Go and check out her new online shop. Lots of little special things for your home and crafty-urges :) 


Friday, September 13, 2013

crochet: felt coaster

A set of 8 soft coasters for a Friday morning. These were fun and quick to make.

Original idea via Pinterest

I did modify the pattern slightly - I punched holes evenly around (need to be an even number) with my eyelet punch from my scrap booking stash and used my crochet hook to make the first round using drop dc stitches into the holes and chain stitches. Then the second round was made up of shell stitches. Finish off two ends and bingo, your done! A set is definitely on my to-do list for ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend. It's looking like a painting filled Saturday coming up for us. :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Update {eight}

It has been a while since the last update. We have been pottering along upstairs. We are nearly done. Nearly. 
Scroll through for some photo updates. Not a great deal has been done outside as yet.
After seven sample pots, we decided on a wall colour.

 And one feature wall colour. It's called Roasted Capsicum. Lovely, huh. (Really trully, I love it!) And he wondered why we only did one wall in his room this colour.
First coat of waterproofing in the bathrooms.
I had help painting for a few days, which was a great motivation and we got a good lot done.
 Screed ready for another coat of waterproofing before tiles.
  Bathrooms tiled.
Carpet picked... and booked.
Meters of skirting painted before nailing.
 Door frames and doors still to be painted.
And the valances finally hung! It looks so girly in her room.
Link: Valance Pattern