Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lego post #3

Two weekends ago, I managed to finish off my lego project that I started in the holidays. This is the last photo to finish off my Lego post from a few weeks ago.

A piece of jarrah skirting board found in the back corner of the shed, some satin varnish, 6 packets of cup hooks, measuring tape, pencil and a drill (not to mention the sore fingers!) resulted in a nice hanging shelf to hold all the instruction booklets.

Put on the wall in our dining/playroom, it makes easy access for the children for their daily lego-burst.

I also share with you two photos from Ruth, who was busy with this project sometime ago, and passed the bright idea onto me.
 She has used two IKEA Brundtal towel rails to hold their lego booklets..

Thanks again, Ruth... :) We now have lego booklets which will hopefully last out our children's lego-lifespan


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