Friday, July 27, 2012

Krista Throw: 20-23

As a person, I prefer throws and blankets to have an order in them. Even though there is no real pattern to this throw as it is a sampler throw, I have definately loved doing all these different squares. They have taught me so many different techniques for different effects. I guess I will just have to remember that each time I look at this throw. Looking forward to using these techniques in my other crochet work in the future
Only two more weeks/blocks to go. Getting rather excited about joining them altogether! I am planning on making some extra blocks and making it a 6x6 block throw rather then a 5x5. During the holidays I treated myself to the 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton book.

There are lots of nice blocks in there, just hard to choose which ones. I hope to join all the blocks up and then decide which ones/colour themed to make to 'fill in the gaps'.

Here are the last four blocks completed for the Krista Throw:

Block 20:

Block 21:

Block 22:

Block 23:
 I really liked how this flower was worked.
I think what did it for me was the centre of the flower!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LMCG - little miss crochet group

As promised here is our LMCG post.

Last week during the school holidays we had some very excited girls (and their mums) come over in the evening for a crochet session. (our son nicely disappeared to spend the night with a family with some boys and do boy activities!)They all took along a 5mm hook and some 8ply acrylics of their choice.

I had put together a folder for each of the girls with some pages for future reference, outlining the basic stitches and how-to of crocheting.

Their mums came along too, one was a complete beginner, and another was refreshing her highschool skills. They too helped the girls along, and with some all important snacks and milos thrown in, we had a great time. We started with doing chain, and when comfortable with that, we slipstitched a loop and started on trebles to make a granny square. I haven't taught them to read a pattern yet. That will be later down the track.

There was the issue of how to hold the yarn in your left hand, how to hold a hook, and then the tension issue. But they all figured out their own unique comfortable way to work their yarn.

The girls picked up this older stitching technique really well! We even had a left hander in our group and she learnt just as fast, even though she was following us right-handers as example. When time came for me to help fix a little problem, all I could do was pull it out, explain what she needed to do, and she had to do it. Crocheting left-handed is not easy when your hands want to do something totally different!

By 9pm cheeks were rosy, and concentration was beginning to wean. After some girly giggles, whispers and some book reading and even crocheting in semi-darkness (have to love the enthusiasm!), they slept and woke with vigor again in the morning, to yes, crochet again!

 Junior little miss #1, started work on her sock-owl to join in at the table

and junior little miss #2 drew round-abouts

All three above, deep in concentration to complete another round before hometime, and yes, the morning tea drinks went cold :)

By the end of the morning, the girls were doing so well, and so confident in their new-found craft, that they were even helping each other.

And so we came to the end of our first LMCG - little miss crochet group. They went home all eager to continue their squares, and they had their file to help if they got stuck. 
The next question I heard was, when can we do it again? Apparently the next school holidays are too far away...
Well, seeing I thoroughly enjoyed watching them learn so fast, I think it might happen sooner then they realise!
Well done, girls. Happy crocheting!

Aunty Lee.

Monday, July 16, 2012

made for you: dishcloths

With the school holidays here, and some beautiful winter days, it is easy to get the necessary work done in the morning knowing we don't have any pressures and can relax and enjoy family time. Thankfully the flu bug was limited to one child, and we can carry on with enjoying the second week together.

The first week I kept myself busy trying my hand at 100% cotton dishcloths.

the dishcloth above was from this blog.

We even fitted on a flying visit to see a new brand nephew and catchup with my aging grandparents in Albany. This requires sitting in the car for a total of 8hrs, so another two dishcloths were also completed.
 The white and cream ones were based on two squares from the krista throw. A good way to practice different techniques.
 I used double strand of 4ply crochet cotton.
All wrapped as a gift.

This second week we have a few things organised with a little-miss crochet group evening (post will follow after the event!), but mainly just staying home, and enjoying crafts, warm milos, the activity desk, lego and our new family companion, oh and some housework thrown in too...


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

made for you: promised hat

Today I share with you a hat that was promised to a miss way back in September 2011. It slipped my mind, untill the other week, and seeing it is winter, I thought I had to get it made and passed on.

Fairly quick to make up and uses front post stitches. Not everyones choice of stitches, but I actually enjoyed practising this stitch and the knotty look it gives.
Finished this morning, and awaiting pick-up.
Pattern is purchased from


Thursday, July 5, 2012

made for you: jojo-bag

With the towel loads all done, house in order, and girls playing happily with playdough, I thought I would share this little bag that I have finished this past week, with you.
 It was a special order from a friend for her daughter, to match her sunday outfit
 a flower to make the bag extra girly
 I opted for these leather handles from a patchwork shop as the bag is intended to carry a Book and girly things, and I didn't want crochet handles to stretch from the weight.
I also lined it with a fat quarter to stop small things falling thru the holes and stop the crochet from stretching, and stitched to the top row of dc with invisible thread on the sewing machine.
An easy in and out bag, no fiddly buttons or zippers for little hands.

Time to enjoy a cofee with my 'dinner' that has been made for me with little hands and playdough.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

made for you: winter cowl

This beautiful winter cowl was made from a nice wool, following a very basic pattern, inspired by this warm and toasty cowl by Jo-Ellen. I modified it a bit, but I guess that is what I like most about crocheting, is that you can improvise. Change to suit. Add colour.

And this particular Cowl took no thinking along crocheting terms. So it left me plenty of time to think about other things. And think I did.

Thinking a lot actually, especially while I was busy with this project, and when it was quiet in the house.

I thought
...while I was hooking it over a morning coffee,
...over a milo at night,
...5 mins here while the veggies are boiling and all is quiet with busy readers in the lounge, the school pickup carpark at the end of the day,
...and late in bed when sleep doesn't wish to come upon me
...for the lovely sister in Christ (who is the recipient of this Cowl) and her family
 ...and how trully blessed we really are...
...and for the individual personallity of the children we have been blessed with (even though they can be challenging)...

...for the good health that we have all been granted...
...and thinking how much we need to be thankful for, each day again...
and the list just grows!
Hoping this Cowl brings some warmth, these cooler winter days. Seeing this was such an easy one to make, I have purchased some more wool for one myself. (more thinking time with the holidays approaching I am going to need something for those quiet-time moments I can do with out following instructions with the extra voices in the house!)

Speaking of holidays, I am having a 'little-miss crochet group' session with my eldest and two friends that would love to learn. All three are 9. Should be fun.

Wishing you all a good week, and enjoyable school holidays.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Snap

Today I received a gorgeous photo of one happy little dolly with her Shell Stitch beanie and scarf from a couple of posts back.

Glad to see if fits well, the scarf is living up to its job
and being 2 is just as much fun as being 1!

As for some WIP, I am currently busy working on a granny stripe bag for her older sister. Post coming soon.