Friday, June 29, 2012


The other week I was (unnecessarily) spoilt.

Apart from my favourite handcream and slimming chocolates, there were two great books included:

For a dog loving family, the ami ami dogs are too cute and favourite ones have been requested to be made. And then a crochet flowers book: from carnations to poppies, there is a nice selection of twenty different flowers, that can be added to any crochet project for a feminine touch.

And then the other week while I was at the post office (they often have good books on sale), I came across this handy book by DK, all 400 pages of it:

Detailed explanations of knitting, embroidery, needlecraft, quilting,crochet, applique and patchwork. Hopefully this book gets lots of use over the next years with the girls loving craft.

With my crochet book shelf growing and the internet also providing endless inspiration, I really don't have any excuse to have idle hands now do I?
I still have my eyes on the 200 crochet squares by Jan Eaton though...

For those of my readers that have been to our place, we love books. All our children thrive on books, if they are quiet they will be somewhere with a book.
Any book.
And yes, we are in need of more book space...


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

bouncing balls

...another WIP...
thanks Ravelry
Krista Throw block catch-up:
Block 17:

 Block 18:
a nice improvisation to the granny square!

 Block 19:

Extra block titled:  Frustration Ended

Six more Fridays to go...
Looking foward to joining all these blocks together.


Monday, June 25, 2012

made for you: playdough

winter weather outside.
groceries (and ingredients) bought and packed away.
promises made, must be kept.

with only one little pot in the house of playdough and when split between two children, it doesn'g go very far. this is what kept our six hands busy one morning last week.

following a simple recipe:

1 cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of salt
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
1 cup of boiling water
1 tablespoon oil
food colouring

combine all dry ingredients first. then add the water, oil and food colouring. stir well.


kept them amused all afternoon... 

while I got to clean up the mess :)

Oh, and one of the containers is for a gift.
Crochet post next time...

Friday, June 22, 2012

shell stitch beanie

A gift for a two year old girl:

Shell stich beanie from dainty daisy, in 12ply with a flower from our Krist Block 2. The scarf is similar to the one I made a little while ago for Kimberley but with only one keyhole for easy-staying for an active toddler. 
The one above is my own version.
Click here for link to original scarf pattern.
Ready for these cold mornings we are having.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hexagon Bag completed!

After many hours crocheting, and nearly as many sewing, the Hexagon bag from Craft Passion is completed, all ready for our Little Miss to turn 5.
All done! Now for some WIP photos:

All these loose ends... No end-burying-fairy around.

Hexagons being blocked.

Hexagons all blocked, nice and flat to work with for joining.

Hexagons joined together in rows. The fun part was the next bit of joining, all the hips and valleys.

Lining and quilting fabric all ready to go.

Machine quilted. Must say I missed my walking foot, which happened to break some months ago, and superglue just wouldn't hold it. :(

Quilted bag taken shape.

Quilted lining all complete.

RS together, ready to be stitched.

The right-side out of the lining. Even a pocket included in the lining!

I didn't take enough seam allowance off the lining bag so it was a little on the tall side for the crocheted bag once it was placed inside. A fellow crocheter suggested I do sc (dc) all the way around for a extra bit of height. I added on two rows of sc (dc) and now the lining fits snug inside the bag.

Two bags, ready to be joined together.

I added a snap-stud instead of magnets

Handstitching the two bags together with invisible-thread. Half way around.

As with all my crocheting, it is left next to my chair and worked on in the lounge with the family all around. They have sort of given up asking what I am making or who for. So it took for this long before just the otherday, she picked it up and said "Mum, this would make a nice Sunday bag for me"...

yay, all done and final bag shared with you!
Now to put away in cupboard till July.

I have more projects currently on the way. I will share these and my last few blocks for the krista throw shortly.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

block 16 - Krista Throw

And block 16, hot off the blocking board. Completed on a 4hour road trip after a long weekend spent away.

It really looks better now that it has been blocked and the lacey work has been pulled out a bit.

As for my Hexagon bag, it is coming along nicely. Updated WIP post coming soon.
Enjoy your week.

block 15 - Krista Throw

Oops, a late post. I forgot to put up Block 15. So here it is. Another Flower block, so it follows the colouring of my previous Flower blocks.