Thursday, April 25, 2013

Holidays, WIP and house update {three}

It has been rather quiet on the blog for a while. School is out, kids are home, the sun has been shining.  We are well and truly into school holidays and enjoying each day.  

Between doing normal household duties, painting, tiling and early nights, not a great deal of crafting has happened. I did manage to finish the second valance a few weeks ago and very happy with how the Bendigo Mills 8ply cotton worked up and that it was an easy take-anywhere-project. Really looking forward to hanging these ones up in the windows.

With the valance finished, I still had one and a 1/3rd left of the cotton. And so I have embarked on my new crochet project which I am quite excited about. No real pattern to work with and not so easy to hold in your hand or lap.(this one won't be sitting in the bottom of my bag!) I have actually had to change my hold on the crochet hook from a pencil grip to a knife hold, making progress just that bit slower.
A bit of sewing too.  I did try to make friends with two zips. They are sort of happy. They do their job and won't fall out the skirt. **Note: no photos of finished garment with zip showing**

 ahem. excuse the wardrobe malfunction, but she had to try her 'ephalant' skirt on and see how well it works, and thankfully it was up to her standards!

 The bedrunner was also pulled out of the crate that has been packed up and a few more rows worked. (Our lounge is fairly basic at the moment with most things packed away due to the continual dust supply.)

 dust + dirt = progress. 

 snapshots of the smallest room in the house that is undergoing some attention.

And lastly here are a few shots of the house taken in the factory end of last week. 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Conquering the zip - {one}

I told myself some time ago that I have to get comfortable with using zips in my sewing (just like I need to learn buttonholes). The other week I found my left over scrap of laminated fabric, some storybook cotton material and pulled up this tutorial  from see kate sew. And for once I can say I am happy with how the zip came out, actually make that I am happy with how the whole pouch turned out.

 This is one way of putting in a zip. More to be conquered.


Easter weekend - Crafting too.

Inbetween all the dust and rubble, some crafting has been happening. Here and there during the day a few squares get stitched together. No rapid progress as other things take priority above sewing. Both quilts are waiting patiently at their halfway point.

The children were home for an extra two days after the Easter break, so we went for a relaxed (tried!) lego and puzzle-bombed house and I managed to sew this Reversible Bag for a gift. This trully is a fairly easy, straight stitching bag. It requires approx 60cm of both fabrics (both being 100% cotton and 112cm wide), pins and some sewing thread. Print off the tutorial and download the pattern from here. (scroll right down to the bottom of the page for the download).

Told you it was lego-bombed!

At least it was surface mess and didn't require vacuuming and mopping.

The second crocheted valance is coming along nicely too. I have three of the eight repeats to go. This mainly happens in the school carpark, waiting for appointments or distant drives - when I am a passenger of course! I don't think it has left my bag for the last week though. Really looking forward to finishing this one.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter weekend - House update {two}

This past weekend was Easter weekend. A time to remember and reflect on our Saviour's death and resurrection. 

This special weekend also gave us extra days off from our normal work and school. We could enjoy Dad's company at home. We pottered along altogether (with his Dad's help too) and made a somewhat big dent in the front entry way. 

For those interested in a progress report:
the wall-chasers had been on Thursday and nicely put two cuts in the wall.
the sledgie had a workout. 

we also took the kids for a drive to the factory, where they could jump up and down in their new bedrooms - and check out the view of their windows :)

love the flowers in our native garden - they really do take it in turns with bright, bird attracting flowers.

sand & rubble = sandcakes

doorframe in. temporary doors nailed in. pineframes made. insultation peeping thru. spare floorboards put down to cover up concrete for time being. 

** if you visit our house, be prepared to see dust. it is envitable at the moment. you sweep, you vacuum, you mop. and it makes its appearance again the next day. **