Friday, February 28, 2014

Finished: CAL Groovyghan

With the weather still being in the high 30's during the day, I haven't quickly lumped this on my lap. But with the help of a head cold this week, I was able to complete the last two edges while sitting nicely under the air-conditioner. With it weighing in at 1.5kg and measuring approx 120cm x 120cm it's all ready for snuggling in the cooler weather. Seeing it's the last day of summer today, lets hope the cooler weather finds us soon.

* note: the granny stripe panel on the far rhs was an extra. Links at the bottom.

Pattern: Groovyghan by Tracy St John
Yarn used: Bendigo Luxury Range in 10ply with 5mm crochet hook.
Colours used: Aquarium. Autumn Glow. Blue Denim. Cream. Koala. Lake. Leaf. Navy Blue. Ruby.
Pinterest: Groovyghan Pin pin now, download later (for free).
CAL sharing: Bec's CAL.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday: blogspiration {drawstring pouch}

This Thursday I have a cute and quick little tutorial from handmade and home. Bec has done a easy and straight forward tute on how to make drawstring pouches - that can be used for many different purposes.

pinterest link: click here
web link: drawstring pouch

Monday after lunch I had a sewing itch but really only had half an hour spare. I printed off this tutorial, cut out and stitched a pouch.

Perfect for gift giving on Friday.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pinned & Made: hanging hearts

hanging hearts: paper wall art with a sewing machine
links below.

pinterest link: click here.
blog link: honeybeevintage

She loved it. With her whole heart. All 93 hearts.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Finished: Rag Rug Stool

Back in May last year I started this WIP rag-rug. I used all left over scraps from two of the girls quilts that I had cut out. Last week I found it again, at the bottom of my sewing WIP pile. Here it is finally finished.

The stool legs I purchased from the local hardware store and attached to custom wood cut to size. 

I finished the edge with a band of bias-binding, with a row of straight stitch and a zig-zag to hold the non-slip in place.  A threaded piece of elastic through the binding finished it off and allowed for a nice snug fit over the wooden stool. 
I was going to staple gun it to the wood, but decided I would like to be able to remove the cover if I need to wash it.

original link from pinterest


DIY: shadow box facelift

There is nothing more that I love, then finding some tools and hardware and doing some DIY. 

I bought a set of these shadow boxes for the children's new rooms. I wanted to hang them. But oh, look at that blunder. It was a metal strap behind the gyprock that they put on the stud frame. The stud finder didn't find it. So I was left with a bunch of unwanted holes. I got the boxes hanging, but was left with extra holes. It had been on my list of to-do's to bog it up next time we had the bog out. 

Until some smart person gave me the idea of putting scrapbook paper behind it. 

With my little helper alongside me, we worked in silence. The little lady found her sisters animals. There was quietness the whole time we were in there.

After cutting the paper to size and a small amount of paper glue to the back of the box it was da-dum. Sorted. And easy.

A nice and simple way to add a bit of colour and splash to the walls.

Now just to bog up the last little holes. And repaint.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday: Blog-spiration

A little bit of sewing inspiration for the week from Bombshell Bling via the Riley Blake website. A nice and bright tutorial to go with it.

to go to the tutorial.

Happy sewing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crochet: CAL

Back in August I shared the start of the CAL blanket that I joined in with. As each month went past we worked on a new section. This is one small project that I did carry on with over the summer break. It was kept upstairs, well away from the dust and rubble. And I didn't share much of it along the way. Now that we are on the homeward stretch, I am itching to get the edging complete!

The girly is waiting for it ever so patiently. Thankfully it is still a bit too warm to snuggle under a wool blanket.

The pattern we have used is from here on Ravelry. 

I have used 100% wool from the Bendigo Luxury Range using a size 5.00mm hook.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

House update {ten}

...why there isn't a great deal of crafting happening here...

As my last house update was back in October, just after we had moved upstairs, here is one with the work that has happend since. 

Demolition soon started downstairs, with walls of previous bedrooms knocked down, and ceilings and insulation also pulled down. It was hot, dusty (!!) work. We also removed the twisted and sagging ceiling beams to raise the new ceiling. The massive gyprock sheets, sheet by sheet,  were carried into the empty rooms (another workout). It wasn't long and the new lounge was taking shape.

There has been some wonderful wall paper that we have uncovered along the way. Look at this one!

Then it was the old lounge = new dining room's turn. Books were boxed up and we said good bye to the lovely arch way. You will not be missed by the tall person of this house! The laminate flooring got extra texture from falling bricks. Front entry way pillars and ceiling was built and we moved the dining table in, and pushed the couches to the back room. (the new lounge is still our workshop). The walls, pillars and ceilings have now been drywalled. We are currently waiting on the front windows to be replaced which should happen in the next few weeks, then we can finish the last of the drywall, and the flushing and painting fun begins, yet once again.

The kids were kept far away from falling bricks and ceiling. They were just called to come out of hiding when they bricks need moving :)

 The removal of the old carport. Again, it had twisted timber issues, so we pulled it all down and replaced it with truss frames, same pitch as the top roof. 

 Once the windows have been replaced and a bit more bricking has been done, we can have it all rendered.

And that is how we are currently living, and why not much craft is happening.

Thankfully a lot of it was done during the school holidays. Old clothes and not much housework was required downstairs. A dusty dirty day here and there, but each step is progress and the end is kind of insight. Sort of. And if you are wondering, it hasn't bothered me too much. Actually I have loved the physical effort it has required. A good tired-feeling at the end of the day. And we still don't know what is more fun, demolishing or building up.

Time to hang the wash.

Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 and Sewing: summer dresses

Welcome back. It's 2014. It has been for a over 5 weeks already, and here I am, just getting back into my blog. Trusting you all had an enjoyable holiday season. We had a busy 6 weeks or so over the break. Bit of camping, catching up with family as we celebrated our Saviour's birth and more lots of house renovation progress and two weeks of swimming lessons. Not much crafting has happened within this house over this time either. Nor have I kept up with reading some of my favourite craft blogs. 

I basically traded my sewing machine and crochet hook and made friends with the drop saw and nail gun, and looking after the four children while they were home on their summer break. Not that I minded either - but very happy now that school has started and we are getting some household routines back!

I am not sure where this blog will take me this year. My sewing room became a real storage room as more rooms were demolished downstairs. That will all need sorting before I can even think about sewing. As much as I would love to share some inspiration back into the craft world, there is still oh so much that I can do towards the house project when I have a few spare minutes. I promise a photo update soon, and enough of my natter.

First up this year, I am sharing the summer dresses I made back in November, before the heat hit.  A white dress, because I love the simpleness and girly-ness of the broider fabric (and that you can soak it in napisan and no colour will run or fade!). The pattern had to be non-restrictive with  no tight bodice or bands.  

I found this pattern by KwikSew 3940. As the broider fabric has all the holes and is sort of see through, I lined the front and back dress pieces with a white poplin.

The dresses have become a favourite. The girls love them. I love them. Scuffed sandals and all.

and no, they don't sit all nice and still for me: 

Till the next post.