Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crochet: peacocks

On Saturday, two dear friends made wedding vows before God, family and friends. It was a lovely day and evening. The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, the weather not too hot and the family (near and far) did a wonderful job helping them out for their special day. 

They had given a great deal of thought to the decorations too. Simple, a bit vintage and elegant all put together. It was stunning. Lace doilies collected from all over Canada, some handmade candlesticks from Canadian wood and beautiful flower arrangements. And peacock feathers, all making a special day for Joel and Lisa. I don't have photos of the day. That is for them to share when they get the photos from their photographer. The photo I am sharing though is from the car decorations.

Sometime ago, I pinned these cute peacocks on pinterest, knowing Lisa was going to bring out peacock feathers and paisleys in her wedding. She messaged back and said "they are so cute Lee, could you make one?" 
Oh sure I can. (thinking she just wanted one for herself  because she loves peacocks.)
Next I knew: "Lee, can you make that three for the bridal cars?"

photo credit to Roslyn Bosveld

I worked these peacocks up in 10ply from the Bendigo luxury 100% wool range. 
Having some of the colours leftover from froggy, and after Lisa worked out the remaining colours, I placed my order and away I hooked. 

The pattern purchased from: here
She is the same lady where I bought the pattern for froggy. They are clear to read and always work out!
And have a look at the rest of her patterns - there are some really cute ones there.

So that is what has been keeping me busy, crochet wise. It was at the same time that I joined in doing the blanket CAL. I have fallen a bit behind with the blanket, so hopefully over the next week or so I can catch up. Post coming soon. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sewing: Quilt top #1 done!

I managed! I finished hand stitching the binding of the first quilt with 3 hours spare before her birthday. (it has just taken me 3 weeks to get some photos.) I pulled off her old doona while she slept, and she woke under her new one in the morning. 

And I had managed to keep it all a surprise - even when I thought I had made a huge blunder in front of her in the school car-park. But thankfully, she had no idea I was completing it - and there has been sweet dreams ever since.

(the granny square pillow was her first crochet project)

The little picture squares are one of her top favourites. Mine would be the square below.

Reverse of the quilt.

And now I have two more to go.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sewing: cushion cover

After spotting this cushion idea in the recent issue 31 Mollie Makes magazine, I have given free motion stitching a try, and loved it. Just a shame I haven't inherited my dad's drawing gene. Maybe I need to take up stitching my kids drawings instead.

A birthday gift for a person, who I don't get to have coffee or tea with very often, due to distance. Wish we lived closer. xx

pinned and made: herbie collection

Our boy, when he was younger had a huge passion for anything VW bettles, known in this house now as herbies. The orange vintage matchbox were his favourites. He had one constantly in his left hand, with his fingers wrapped nicley around it, and come church time, they would be safely tucked into his pockets, come bedtime, they were all through his bed. 

They were so well loved that axels were bent, paint wore off and then we could no longer find them in the shops.  Family members new of his love of herbies and looked out for them and so overtime, his collection grew. Even though he still secretly likes them deep down, he now has eyes for war planes, and F1 cars. 

So with a pile of these herbies and having pinned the Ribba frame idea ages ago, I put them all nicely in, ready for his new bedroom. I kept the final product secret from him and surprised him with it hanging in his room one day after school. 
His eyes said it all. 
All until last sunday morning. I was making breakfast, the kids were getting dressed and I heard this almighty crash. It fell off the wall. No more ribba frame. But the glass survived. Somehow. So did the herbies. 
Next time I won't be hanging it on the wall. 
It will need to sit on a shelf. 



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sewing: Quilt top #1

A little happy dance going on here.

After a few days of after-lunch-sewing-time and quilting the horizontal and vertical seams of this quilt,  Quilt #1 has just had the binding stitched on and the remainder safety pins removed. Hand stitching only to go.  All before a birthday next week.

Nice and clear Binding Tutorial link.

Shhh. Don't say a word. I have been able to sew while she is at school and thankfully the youngest hasn't let out a peep.
Will post finished photos soon.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

House mini-update {nine}

We are in. The mega paint-a-thon paid off, the carpet deadline was met and we have finally been able to move in. The first Tuesday of the school holidays; what better timing!

Just a few sneak-peak shots of upstairs as we are still waiting on two shower screen panels and no wall hangings/shelving/book racks have been put up either. When the kids are back at school I will take some photos.

And so that completes house stage #1. Yes, truly. Here is the beginning of house stage #2:

Now that the children's old bedrooms have been vacated, we are opening up the two bedrooms right through to the current lounge that you can see down the passage. The two bedrooms including the passage will become our new lounge. The current lounge will become a dining area and the front entry way is in-between. 
Just when you thought I now had no reason for a untidy and dusty house. More white dust... 

Really looking forward to finding my craft again now that I don't need to paint in any spare minute I have. Well, not for a while anyway.


Monday, September 16, 2013

sewing: quilt tops - they are back!

I have dug them out of hiding, and after sorting some backing and batting, I was shown how to layer them last week. I am getting excited about getting them all finished now. Actually, the girls are just as excited. I would love to just sit and sew them, but there is painting that just needs to be done, and painting fairies don't exist!

Here are a few bright progress photos for today. 
 Two more waiting patiently.
I just couldn't resist. I just had to stitch a few seams. 

The postie also brought some happy bits to my letter box this week. Here is a little link. Go and check out her new online shop. Lots of little special things for your home and crafty-urges :) 


Friday, September 13, 2013

crochet: felt coaster

A set of 8 soft coasters for a Friday morning. These were fun and quick to make.

Original idea via Pinterest

I did modify the pattern slightly - I punched holes evenly around (need to be an even number) with my eyelet punch from my scrap booking stash and used my crochet hook to make the first round using drop dc stitches into the holes and chain stitches. Then the second round was made up of shell stitches. Finish off two ends and bingo, your done! A set is definitely on my to-do list for ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend. It's looking like a painting filled Saturday coming up for us. :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Update {eight}

It has been a while since the last update. We have been pottering along upstairs. We are nearly done. Nearly. 
Scroll through for some photo updates. Not a great deal has been done outside as yet.
After seven sample pots, we decided on a wall colour.

 And one feature wall colour. It's called Roasted Capsicum. Lovely, huh. (Really trully, I love it!) And he wondered why we only did one wall in his room this colour.
First coat of waterproofing in the bathrooms.
I had help painting for a few days, which was a great motivation and we got a good lot done.
 Screed ready for another coat of waterproofing before tiles.
  Bathrooms tiled.
Carpet picked... and booked.
Meters of skirting painted before nailing.
 Door frames and doors still to be painted.
And the valances finally hung! It looks so girly in her room.
Link: Valance Pattern


Friday, August 30, 2013

Crochet: Group CAL

In a craft facebook group, we have started a CAL that will be going for approx six months. First section was seven granny squares. I chose to use up the left over 10ply wool from Bendigo that I used for Froggy and also another project that I have currently on the go, and ordered a few more colours to add to it. Here are my first seven squares along to go with the quilt top for the daughter I am making both for.

Colours from the Bendigo Luxury range in 10ply used:
Ruby, Leaf, Denim, Cream, Aquarium, Navy Blue, Lake, Autumn Glow and Koala.

I actually didn't use any Autumn Glow in the granny squares. I only used Ruby, as I wanted the squares to be more blue then red. Autumn Glow will appear in some of the other sections. Such nice wool to work with!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Completed Froggy.

I think the photos say it all. 
There is one very happy boy with his new Froggy. 
Enjoy the pics. (They were all super duper. Had to include them all!)

Thanks to his mum for the beautiful photos. :)
See Froggy in his making and also the pattern link here.