Wednesday, February 29, 2012

special request

I had a special request to make a slip cover for an iphone for a male, bloke, guy, a dear friends husband. Having never made one yet, and not sure of the colours in my stash that I have and how to make it look bloke-ish and not too feminine, this is what it turned out like:

This one has been passed on for sizing and for his colour/pattern request.

I have made it to fit my iphone3, and it is a beautiful snug fit. So much so that colours and pattern for mine have been chosen. Oh and then I might just have to make one for my Tablet. 
When I make the next cover, I will write down my pattern and share. Very simple and easy thats for sure!

My afghan is also coming along nicely. A row here and there between projects and it is growing. A current photo of it:

Wishing you an enjoyable day.

Friday, February 24, 2012

hint for CAL afghan

Before I started the Afghan I tried to picture it in my mind. But since starting it, I realised that my colour that I wanted where it was grey on the pattern, wasn't what I wanted. For those that haven't quite started yet, and so you don't fall into the same trap as me here is a pointer:

The 'grey holey' row as in the patterns picture, are rows 3-5 on your pattern sheet. ('3 rows A' in the colour sequence instructions.)

 Make sure you use the colour sequence instructions and work backwards from these rows, to determine your starting colour. (I wrote on the pattern next to the rows for the colours.)

Where I have two white rows followed by the dark blue one, these should all be white, but otherwise I am going to end up with a rather white blanket, hence my change in colour. The 'white rows' above are rows 6-8.

Hoping this helps and you can understand it. If not, email me...
I know, I probably should have pulled it all out and started again... but no, I decided to throw in an extra blue row. Me and blue. Always go back to it...


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here he is! Meet george. A little guy that every family member wants to claim as their own. It didn't take long for the kids to spot him this morning on the bookshelf after his finishing touches last night.

I found him (or rather his pattern) from the website. It was Januarys CAL for the Amigurimi group. Their February pattern is just as cute. I hope to still get that one done, well at least started, before February is finished... :) and to keep moving along with the afghan CAL that we started on this blog.

Meanwhile, George is waiting patiently for a multi-coloured scarf, and trying to stay out of reach from little hands.

Monday, February 20, 2012

citrus splash

This is to be one of my favourite made to date. Based on the granny square and made from bamboo cotton, it is beautiful and soft but still holds it shape well. I made a very similar one a while ago for Emma for Sundays, which she loves.

Original idea is from here. I have altered the pattern a little bit. I did more dc rows (or sc depending what terms you use) around the bottom. I found if there were too many holes near the bottom, pencils would fall out. I also made it bigger too. From memory I think I started with approx 80 chain. For sizing, it fits My First Bible beautifully.

With a super quick trip to Albany during the weekend, I picked up some girly black leather handles from 'the patchwork place' in Lockyer Ave to finish it off.

With three little ladies in this household eyeing it off (with various bags on their hooks), I am not sure who the special recipient will be.

Next post: Cheeky Monkey


Friday, February 17, 2012

sad monkey

Here he is. A little broken hearted, but ready to be stitched up. This is one project that has kept the whole family interested! Hoping to complete him early next week, with a nice portrait photo of him and the pattern link.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.
Till next week.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I know I should be busy on my afghan. I have started it, but have also been a little sidestracted. A set of three mini hairties were my latest.

then there is a few enjoyable, simple and quick headbands I have also been busy with:

...oh and the amigurimi monkey. He is too cute to share just yet.
Till next time.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

afghan CAL

Okay, here is a relatively easy pattern to include the beginner crocheters that wish to join in. Put your name and country in the comments section, pick your colours, and make a start. I picked mine at spotlight this morning using the Sherwin Williams Colour Snap  app for my phone.

Message if you have any issues, and I'm sure we can help each other. Remembering it is in US terms, so we may need to convert to UK terms (which I use). Idea is to share a photo of completed work. Have fun, and happy stitching!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

to my blog readers

Asking the crocheters who read this blog, is anyone interested in doing a CAL together? If you would like to do a project together, please message me your thoughts.

p.s. CAL = Crochet A-Long

in and out

Schools back in, and so my crochet hook is back out! After enjoying the holidays it is nice to get back into routine. The holidays really didn't see me crocheting like I would have but thats okay, family first.

So after a bit of older-siblings-are-gone withdrawal symptoms, the two youngest got stuck into play and with a quiet house, I just couldn't resist to pick up the hook, just for half an hour...

to make some little mary-jane booties. A little project to get me back into it, but duty soon called. Now looking forward to making some or the patterns I have next to my chair. With a busy term ahead, hopefully I can get some goals completed.