Wednesday, August 31, 2011

where the bug began

Going back to the school holidays, we were away for a week, and I found a crocheting kit in a local store to make a beanie. Looking for something different to do, I decided to see if I could remember back to my school days when I was taught crocheting. It didn't take long and this appeared, much to one daughters delight, and then another put an order in for her doll...

By the time we were home from holidays, I was itching to get on with some more. After a quick update look on a blog I follow, I found this newsboy cap pattern. ( I like the patterns they use, they are tried and tested, and guaranteed to work!) And sure enough, one wasn't enough. Three had to be made, and were made, and are very loved. Mr J even would like one! (time to hunt down a boy's beanie pattern for next winter I think.)


Here is one of the items I am currently working on. A bit of a change from working with 5.0mm hooks!More to come at a later date.


a tetra what?

another little creation that I have been fiddeling with in the last week. I stumbled across this tutorial for a tetrahedron coinpurse and really liked the idea of having it on a keyring, with spare coins at the ready! I also recalled seeing this girly ribbon (without being pink!) at our local craft shop, and thought that it would be ideal for this. Miss K has already eyed one off...

I guess there are many uses for this, even a dummy holder on the side of a nappy bag... will have to see where it gets used.


first post

Well here is my first post to see how it all works. The other night I completed a cute little hat for the newest member of our congregation. Not sure about you, but even though this is blue, I love the colours for a little girl.

I have used this crafty website and found this adorable pattern. Something nice and easy to whip up in an evening. I have a few more projects on the go, but when time allows, I will blog them too.

Till next time.