Saturday, November 17, 2012

LMCG: granny pillow

With what started off as a simple granny square... another member of LCMG has finally finished her first project too. My Miss 10. The last bit took extra encouraging to get it completed and not be a UFO. (unfinished object)

With a visit to Spotlight the other week, I picked up some especially-requested-had-to-be-green backing material and a pillow insert. With me coming home with that, renewed desire to finish it kicked in, and she did.

do I, or don't I?
Look at those ends. They still need burying. I am so tempted to do them for her, but on the otherhand, she has done all the rest by herself, and it is all part of completing a project.... pondering thought for the afternoon...

This was my first attempt at stitching crocheting to material using my machine. Very happy and a whole lot stronger then handstitching.


This morning while she was at school, I backed it, and it has turned out rather nice. It is now competing with the blooming flower cushion on her bed, waiting for her to come home. I think I see a ripple pillow requesting to be made, to bring the two cushions together.

Am I being a nasty-teacher not to finish the threads for her?


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