Tuesday, November 13, 2012

red shoes: WIP

 These were just too cute to leave behind, while enjoing some op-shop browsing time with just my youngest last week. Brand new, not even a scuff mark or a crease line. Leather with white stitching. How could I leave them on the shelf?
This was just calling for me to make a summer outfit to go with them. Okay, she will not be wearing these shoes in the middle of summer, but it kicked my brain into sewing mode.  So I share my current WIP with you.
the ingredients: my type of baking I enjoy :)
and really looking forward to modifing the pattern to include some crocheting.


  1. Hi lee those shoes are adorable, especially with the socks. Can't wait to see her all dressed up.

  2. Looks intruiging Leanne! Great find with the shoes too :-)