Monday, October 24, 2011

bamboo & cotton

It is completed! Just in time for a "big" girls 7th Birthday.
Happy birthday Miss H.
We hope you have a lovely day and may God continue to be with you in the coming year.

As promised here is the link for this bag.

Till next time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

a girls felt bag

I have been meaning to share this sewing project with you. Kimberley made majority of it. She asked to do some sewing a while back, and after picking up some craft books from Target, aimed at children, she chose this bag from the book.

Made from felt, and a bit of our own ideas, she came up with this. Felt is great to work with, while they are getting their hand around handstitching, no hems are required, and relativley easily to cut. Buttons add a simple, easy and effective extra. This is her finished project, and matched nicely with her sunday outfit for winter.

Monday, October 10, 2011

hook and more

I had to go and get some different sized hooks a while back, for a project, and I came across this pack of hooks. Every size ready at my side now! I have enjoyed working with this Boyl brand of hooks and like the various colours they come in!

And to finish off this post for today, here is a sweet pic of my recipient of the postmark: to albany post.

Time to continue to enjoy the school holidays.


granny bag

This was a nice quick whip up, completed by the time we got to Mt Barker. A simple bag, based on the granny stitch (well thats what I call it...) In my mind, I made it to go with Kimberleys sunday outfit, along with a matching, plain (no flower) headband and hoping to make a sleeveless vest to go over her summer dress, but I'm not having much success in finding a child sized one. If any of you crocheters out there do, please link me to it! I thought this bag would turn out a little larger, so it can at least hold her notebook, and not just a little packet of tissues.

The green bag behind is for Emma for sunday. I have modified the pattern to make it a bit bigger, and also added some more dc rows along the bottom, so the tiny things you find in little girls bags, won't fall out.

So,  I think this purple bag will find its ways into Nadia's hands, and a new bigger one will be made.

Till next time.


light blue...

This is a WIP birthday present for a little miss whose favourite colour is light blue. The pattern required bamboo cotton so this is the only light blue I could find. I am loving how it is turning out, and so different then working with wool or acrylic. While the cotton splits a lot easier, and working with a smaller needle for a nice tight result, it does take a bit more of concentration.

I will do a post with a finished photo and the web link, when its done!


her effort

After mastering the chain and a treble, this is her effort while sitting in the car on the way to Albany! An Enid Blyton book won her attention more then the crocheting...

It now sits in my basket in the lounge, ready for her to pick up and keep going, when she isn't reading...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

8yr old fingers

During the past school term Kimberley has come to me a number of times with a crochet hook and a ball of wool, hoping I could spend some time with her and teach her how to crochet. As the school days are rather busy, with spelling lists and homereaders, I promised I would teach her in the holidays. Well, last night we sat down together and I showed her maybe twice how to hold her needle and how the wool goes inbetween and around fingers, and it wasn't another two times to show her how to make a chain, and she was away. As I type, I think we have about 3m of chain in blue wool in the lounge!

And seeing she practised her chain so much today, I had to sit and show her the next thing. The treble. And sure enough, she is sitting next to me busy making a 'granny square'.  So with 4 hours of sitting in a car coming up, I am sure I know what she will be doing, and I guess there will eventually be a post with her creation!

Till next time.