Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 and Sewing: summer dresses

Welcome back. It's 2014. It has been for a over 5 weeks already, and here I am, just getting back into my blog. Trusting you all had an enjoyable holiday season. We had a busy 6 weeks or so over the break. Bit of camping, catching up with family as we celebrated our Saviour's birth and more lots of house renovation progress and two weeks of swimming lessons. Not much crafting has happened within this house over this time either. Nor have I kept up with reading some of my favourite craft blogs. 

I basically traded my sewing machine and crochet hook and made friends with the drop saw and nail gun, and looking after the four children while they were home on their summer break. Not that I minded either - but very happy now that school has started and we are getting some household routines back!

I am not sure where this blog will take me this year. My sewing room became a real storage room as more rooms were demolished downstairs. That will all need sorting before I can even think about sewing. As much as I would love to share some inspiration back into the craft world, there is still oh so much that I can do towards the house project when I have a few spare minutes. I promise a photo update soon, and enough of my natter.

First up this year, I am sharing the summer dresses I made back in November, before the heat hit.  A white dress, because I love the simpleness and girly-ness of the broider fabric (and that you can soak it in napisan and no colour will run or fade!). The pattern had to be non-restrictive with  no tight bodice or bands.  

I found this pattern by KwikSew 3940. As the broider fabric has all the holes and is sort of see through, I lined the front and back dress pieces with a white poplin.

The dresses have become a favourite. The girls love them. I love them. Scuffed sandals and all.

and no, they don't sit all nice and still for me: 

Till the next post.

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