Friday, February 28, 2014

Finished: CAL Groovyghan

With the weather still being in the high 30's during the day, I haven't quickly lumped this on my lap. But with the help of a head cold this week, I was able to complete the last two edges while sitting nicely under the air-conditioner. With it weighing in at 1.5kg and measuring approx 120cm x 120cm it's all ready for snuggling in the cooler weather. Seeing it's the last day of summer today, lets hope the cooler weather finds us soon.

* note: the granny stripe panel on the far rhs was an extra. Links at the bottom.

Pattern: Groovyghan by Tracy St John
Yarn used: Bendigo Luxury Range in 10ply with 5mm crochet hook.
Colours used: Aquarium. Autumn Glow. Blue Denim. Cream. Koala. Lake. Leaf. Navy Blue. Ruby.
Pinterest: Groovyghan Pin pin now, download later (for free).
CAL sharing: Bec's CAL.


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