Tuesday, February 11, 2014

House update {ten}

...why there isn't a great deal of crafting happening here...

As my last house update was back in October, just after we had moved upstairs, here is one with the work that has happend since. 

Demolition soon started downstairs, with walls of previous bedrooms knocked down, and ceilings and insulation also pulled down. It was hot, dusty (!!) work. We also removed the twisted and sagging ceiling beams to raise the new ceiling. The massive gyprock sheets, sheet by sheet,  were carried into the empty rooms (another workout). It wasn't long and the new lounge was taking shape.

There has been some wonderful wall paper that we have uncovered along the way. Look at this one!

Then it was the old lounge = new dining room's turn. Books were boxed up and we said good bye to the lovely arch way. You will not be missed by the tall person of this house! The laminate flooring got extra texture from falling bricks. Front entry way pillars and ceiling was built and we moved the dining table in, and pushed the couches to the back room. (the new lounge is still our workshop). The walls, pillars and ceilings have now been drywalled. We are currently waiting on the front windows to be replaced which should happen in the next few weeks, then we can finish the last of the drywall, and the flushing and painting fun begins, yet once again.

The kids were kept far away from falling bricks and ceiling. They were just called to come out of hiding when they bricks need moving :)

 The removal of the old carport. Again, it had twisted timber issues, so we pulled it all down and replaced it with truss frames, same pitch as the top roof. 

 Once the windows have been replaced and a bit more bricking has been done, we can have it all rendered.

And that is how we are currently living, and why not much craft is happening.

Thankfully a lot of it was done during the school holidays. Old clothes and not much housework was required downstairs. A dusty dirty day here and there, but each step is progress and the end is kind of insight. Sort of. And if you are wondering, it hasn't bothered me too much. Actually I have loved the physical effort it has required. A good tired-feeling at the end of the day. And we still don't know what is more fun, demolishing or building up.

Time to hang the wash.


  1. Wow, what a big job! Love your before and after photos, it's going to look so great when it's done. I can imagine the demolishing was quite fun!

  2. oops, don't know where my comment went!

    What a big job - you def have an excuse not to be crafting :) That wallpaper would have been amazing! Have fun with the washing! x