Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crochet: peacocks

On Saturday, two dear friends made wedding vows before God, family and friends. It was a lovely day and evening. The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, the weather not too hot and the family (near and far) did a wonderful job helping them out for their special day. 

They had given a great deal of thought to the decorations too. Simple, a bit vintage and elegant all put together. It was stunning. Lace doilies collected from all over Canada, some handmade candlesticks from Canadian wood and beautiful flower arrangements. And peacock feathers, all making a special day for Joel and Lisa. I don't have photos of the day. That is for them to share when they get the photos from their photographer. The photo I am sharing though is from the car decorations.

Sometime ago, I pinned these cute peacocks on pinterest, knowing Lisa was going to bring out peacock feathers and paisleys in her wedding. She messaged back and said "they are so cute Lee, could you make one?" 
Oh sure I can. (thinking she just wanted one for herself  because she loves peacocks.)
Next I knew: "Lee, can you make that three for the bridal cars?"

photo credit to Roslyn Bosveld

I worked these peacocks up in 10ply from the Bendigo luxury 100% wool range. 
Having some of the colours leftover from froggy, and after Lisa worked out the remaining colours, I placed my order and away I hooked. 

The pattern purchased from: here
She is the same lady where I bought the pattern for froggy. They are clear to read and always work out!
And have a look at the rest of her patterns - there are some really cute ones there.

So that is what has been keeping me busy, crochet wise. It was at the same time that I joined in doing the blanket CAL. I have fallen a bit behind with the blanket, so hopefully over the next week or so I can catch up. Post coming soon. 


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