Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Update {eight}

It has been a while since the last update. We have been pottering along upstairs. We are nearly done. Nearly. 
Scroll through for some photo updates. Not a great deal has been done outside as yet.
After seven sample pots, we decided on a wall colour.

 And one feature wall colour. It's called Roasted Capsicum. Lovely, huh. (Really trully, I love it!) And he wondered why we only did one wall in his room this colour.
First coat of waterproofing in the bathrooms.
I had help painting for a few days, which was a great motivation and we got a good lot done.
 Screed ready for another coat of waterproofing before tiles.
  Bathrooms tiled.
Carpet picked... and booked.
Meters of skirting painted before nailing.
 Door frames and doors still to be painted.
And the valances finally hung! It looks so girly in her room.
Link: Valance Pattern



  1. It's looking great! So much work though hey! It will be exciting when you get to 'move upstairs'!! Not much longer now...

  2. Oh, you're teasing us!!!! Love to see more. Looks absolutely fabulous so far! I especially like the roasted capsicum wall and the crocheted trim.