Friday, November 8, 2013

pinned and made: herbie collection

Our boy, when he was younger had a huge passion for anything VW bettles, known in this house now as herbies. The orange vintage matchbox were his favourites. He had one constantly in his left hand, with his fingers wrapped nicley around it, and come church time, they would be safely tucked into his pockets, come bedtime, they were all through his bed. 

They were so well loved that axels were bent, paint wore off and then we could no longer find them in the shops.  Family members new of his love of herbies and looked out for them and so overtime, his collection grew. Even though he still secretly likes them deep down, he now has eyes for war planes, and F1 cars. 

So with a pile of these herbies and having pinned the Ribba frame idea ages ago, I put them all nicely in, ready for his new bedroom. I kept the final product secret from him and surprised him with it hanging in his room one day after school. 
His eyes said it all. 
All until last sunday morning. I was making breakfast, the kids were getting dressed and I heard this almighty crash. It fell off the wall. No more ribba frame. But the glass survived. Somehow. So did the herbies. 
Next time I won't be hanging it on the wall. 
It will need to sit on a shelf. 



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