Wednesday, October 9, 2013

House mini-update {nine}

We are in. The mega paint-a-thon paid off, the carpet deadline was met and we have finally been able to move in. The first Tuesday of the school holidays; what better timing!

Just a few sneak-peak shots of upstairs as we are still waiting on two shower screen panels and no wall hangings/shelving/book racks have been put up either. When the kids are back at school I will take some photos.

And so that completes house stage #1. Yes, truly. Here is the beginning of house stage #2:

Now that the children's old bedrooms have been vacated, we are opening up the two bedrooms right through to the current lounge that you can see down the passage. The two bedrooms including the passage will become our new lounge. The current lounge will become a dining area and the front entry way is in-between. 
Just when you thought I now had no reason for a untidy and dusty house. More white dust... 

Really looking forward to finding my craft again now that I don't need to paint in any spare minute I have. Well, not for a while anyway.


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