Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Holidays: Part 2.

Part 2 of our holidays: and yes, we have really enjoyed this stay-at-home holiday. A bit of sickness last week cancelled a nice outting, but we have re-scheduled and will try again this week.

One thing that the children have enjoyed, but I can't take a photo of, is being introduced to the Pirates of Penzance musical. We have had the soundtrack playing for some time on and off over the years, but the littleones didn't like the 'noisy man'.
Hubby did this musical play in his senior years at school with his class some 20 years ago, and he showed parts of it to the children from you-tube. With a brief run down of the plot, they now they understand the singing, and if we are inside, busy with our bits and pieces, Pirates of Penzance music is requested, and we frequently hear the individual singing an odd line in the muscial tones.

I love miss 5's version of the I am a Pirate King song:

"I am a Pirate King, I am a Pirate King, and I am going to sing..."
yep, she keeps us well entertained...

Now for some photos:

crocheting first: I am loving the bright colours of this one (not a great deal has been done, but with a dead line of end of October, I had better get busy with it!)
** Note the pile of tails to the side. Saving for a fellow crafter for a interesting project. Will see if I can share a photo of the finished project.

quiet time after lunch with big brother

Building a limestone garden bed with dad and mum. This one especially enjoys getting right in and helping.

puppy love... actually old-age love...

a game of chess with dad before bed time has become nearly ritual these holidays

playing 'fly' and anything gets used for a fly-stick, from a shovel, golfclub, thongs, solar lights, wickets and one stick...

me? a thief?
...and that stick was stolen as a chew toy... (at least it wasnt a wicket!)

 enjoying our native plants flowering

mmm. I think this fellow has a lot to answer for: all our missing seedlings that we planted. this guy was the biggest grasshopper I have seen. He was easily 10cm long. Must say he entertained the kids when they got close and he jumped!

 Square ball: Asphalt driveway is great, especially with chalk.
Yes, we allow our children to draw on it, and it gets washed away with the next rain, and lets everyone that drives past know that children live here and enjoy the outdoors. But when the chalk runs out, all you need to do is find natural chalk aka a little limestone rock, and it does the same thing.
Now the squareball rules have changed since our time. We use to play with hands, but this generation play with feet or legs or chest - no hands... interesting twist.

 ahem... cricket with a mate, and makeshift wickets. (the in-the-ground wickets have gone thru too many irrigation pipes)
and I think its time for these boys to do washing and figure out how dirty and damaged socks become playing outside on them...

someone begging for some attention
who let the dog in? enjoying some extra attention from the kids these holidays.
birthday cake.
now there is a story behind this cake...

remember how I shared the non-baking activity I did for fathers day, that I managed to muck-up? and see that big black dog above? we thought she was rather clever she can open the sliding door, by flicking the leaver with her nose, and then an extra push on the door with her nose and she has opened the door...

cake on the cooling rack, ready for decorating (for that afternoon). son asks for help setting up new soccer goals outside. sure you can see where this story is going.

she is no-longer a clever dog... she is a naughty dog... and in my bad books...
(well for a day anyways)
hubby kindly offered to pick up some more packet cakes and take them home post-haste, so I could start the baking process all over again, a rather runny mixture, and a slightly buckled springform tin from being shoved in my baking drawer, mixture leaking, SOS for some smaller tins, and finally in the oven. Who likes baking?
think I will stick to gardening outside.
but in the end, we ended up with a nice birthday cake, and a happy day, and I think I will just have to keep trying with baking, because whats a childhood without licking a beater?

 And with such glorious spring weather, morning tea at a park after groceries in town was a great easy treat.

The holidays are disappearing fast, and I would like to still do a few more things if possible. Crafting hasn't been necessary as we have thoroughly enjoyed the time outside in the sun or lego and books. Lego - they have really made a dent in trying to make all the ones we have instructions for. Will share a photo at the end of the holidays.

Till next time.


  1. Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying the holidays - and the kids as well :-) Loving those bright yarn colours!

  2. Hi Lee - What native plants are those in your photos? I'm going to be putting natives in my front garden and those look really preety :) Erica Swarts

  3. Hi Erica, thanks for stopping by. We have a great variety of native plants and love them all. A vast range from the grevillea family, kangroo paws, and many other natives, from tall ones to ground cover. They are very little maintenance and require little water once established. On the above photos, there is one from the grevillea family and unsure of the name for the other one. My favourite one in the garden would be the Swan River Pea. Enjoy planning your garden!