Wednesday, October 24, 2012

made for you: modified look bag

There is one challenge in blogland that I really like.
But I know that I would never be able to keep up with that challenge.
Even though this week is flat out, I have managed to squeeze a little sewing, for a gift for a (special) 4 year old. 
Special, because she shares my hubby's birthday.

Knowing they spend their weeks with a few scheduled appointments, daily school runs that see them sitting in the car for a fair while each day, I thought a personlised LOOK bag would be perfect for her.
But me being me, I don't like to follow patterns time and time again. So I drafted up a new modified pattern. And if you look closely, I have even modified it since drawing and making it. :)

I decided to make the looking-window a bit smaller and not put too many smaller things in this one, as I find the younger ones get more enjoyment of bigger, and easier things to see. The little dolly is a favourite, so thankfully my local craft store still has them.

Here is an overload of photos if you would like to make your own. Any questions, please ask.
If you make one, and blog it, please link back as I would love to see your end result.

The blooming flower cushion is for the next post. Almost completed.
Enjoy your week.



  1. You do such a great job of these! I really love your idea it how it opens up, so clever! I'm sure it was a well received gift :-)

  2. How gorgeous! So neatly done too, I love all the individual touches. Our kids have a very well loved one that they still play with, made by Bec more than two years ago ;-) One question though - how does your needle handle sewing through he laminated plastic?

  3. Hi Lucy, and thanks for your comment. to answer your question, I don't really know. I purchased this sewing machine second hand some 11 years ago, and it has sewn curtains, canvas, shadecloth (pram cover), upholstery material, plastic and normal material. It has been pushed to the limits and doesn't complain. I just keep experimenting. One day it will probably disagree with me.