Tuesday, October 2, 2012

holidays: being prepared

With the long weekend passed, dad back a work, its just me and kids at home. Being one of the first holidays where we haven't planned on going away at all, not even just a weekend trip to the grandparents, we are looking forward to two weeks of relaxed-paced family time.  

 pencils sharpened
 scrap paper sorted

chess on the lounge table

 two new batches of playdough made

kitchenette and playdough sorted

bookshelves in order

 Lego still suprisingly sorted from last school holidays, when we decided to sort into colours. This has made a huge difference to the children playing with it. The missing piece is never far away, and gets played with everyday, by all four. I think this is why they have helped keeping it sorted. Building with it is a lot more enjoyable.
Now we are hoping for some good spring weather (though we do need the rain!) so we may enjoy outdoor time; looking forward to celebrating a birthday, and enjoying each others company, keeping up the youngests daytime sleep, inbetween the normal house-running duties (now if only washing, cleaning and dishes take a holiday too...) and hopefully a bit of crocheting in between too.
Hopefully I will find a chance to update with the some of the children's activities.

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