Friday, October 5, 2012

Holidays: part 1.

Here are some pictures of our activites during the holidays so far, and yes we are enjoying the relaxed pace! 

Claiming mums chair for some peace and quiet - it's hard work keeping up with the older ones.

Guarding a boys lego, looking out for fingers that might even think about breaking his hard effort!
This is a modern day diamond processing plant with olden-day security and fire-torches for lighting.
What imagination!

Fresh Strawberries: pretending we have been down to Grandad's veggie patch, picked and eaten straight away before we get back up to the house.

Even a use for pencil sharpenings and loose sequins. Miss 5's birthday card for her brother
- the page was first smothered in glue :)
Okay, two batches of newly made playdough last week wasn't enough between four children. So with a little bit of cream of tartar left, I managed to make another two fresh batches, and the kitchen table was covered in playdough equipment.
If only we could have eaten the biscuits and pies they made...

My lego WIP for these holidays. Trying to work out the best way to protect the numerous lego instructions. I have successfully completed about 22 booklets of instructions, but have about 18 to go!
I think we have finally found the solution, and the children find it easy to use. Hopefully we have said goodbye to dog-eared, folded and worn instructions and given them a long life expectancy.
Thanks R :)

 Sandpit + sunshine = happy for ages
(until the dog decides to join them and crushes the tunnels)
and especially when you add a little bit of water and make "sloppy stuff"...
(daddy's old hammer is handy as a mixing tool)

The spring weather was too nice for us to sit inside, so we pulled out the bikes and helmets and rode to our local hardware 5 mins down the road where we purchased these:

 ... and put life back into our veggie garden.
So hopefully in due time we can pick some strawberries of our own, apple cucumbers, capsicum, cauliflower, rainbow silverbeet and spring onions.
2hrs after planting I was called outside by our Miss 5, who proudly proclaimed that they have "really grown"!
We have enjoyed other activites aswell, but the camera just doesn't capture everything.
 What have you been up to these holidays? How are you entertaining your children?
L. (and kids)

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