Friday, May 18, 2012


This past weeks challenge: with time running out till my little niece turns 2, and to find something that can be sent via airmail...

After a bright idea from my sister, my hook came out earlier this week and after looking at my stash of yarn,
and with 10 mins spare at school pickup waiting patienly for the children,

and 10 mins with a cup of coffee here and there,
(this above photo shows true colours.)

and when the house is quiet after the children have all dozed off to la-la land in the evening

and inspiration from my new crochet borders book

here is a little dolls rainbow blanket headed to miss happy birthday.

Knowing how much enjoyment my young girls get from a zigzag crochet dolls blanket made by my grandmother a few years okay, I know her little dolly will be put to bed under a cozy blanket.

And consequently my Block 13 isn't finished, and Block 14 was released this morning...



  1. Love this Leanne, rainbow colours are so neat!

  2. Miss Marni will love this blanket. We gave her a dolls cradle yesterday on her birthday and she just loves it. A second blanket will be a treat, and such nice colours too. Thank you!