Wednesday, May 30, 2012

made for you: a love note

The heading of my blog says 'made for you'.

While majority of the things I share on my blog are from my crocheting hobby, here is one handmade item I made yesterday afternoon.

Every now and again I put a chocolate or a small note in the kids lunch box. Here was yesterday's effort.

It was simple.
And the recipients loved it.

This is the remnants of the eaten banana - saved and taken home in a plastic lunch bag.

The other banana that was too good to eat!

Take a sharp instrument, I used a skewer, and gently scratch in your message or picture but not too hard that it splits the peel. Put banana aside and place in lunchbox the next morning. The message will become blacker with age.

One item that I made, can't be kept, but will be repeated!

Hope you are all having a good week.



  1. Love it!! I slipped a lolly pop into Kiera's lunch box this morning ... can't wait to hear her reaction when she gets home. I love how kids love surprises!! ;)

  2. Dad used to do this with the vegies in the garden.. and try to tell us a mouse did it!! :)