Friday, May 11, 2012

Afghan WIP

Remember I started the Afghan Ripple Blanket CAL?
Here are the WIP photos of those that joined in:

Renae:  Vernon,  BC, Canada:

Denise: Albany, WA,  Australia:

Natalie: Perth, WA, Australia:

Leanne: Perth, WA, Australia: 
They all look great! Amazing how just from using different coloured yarns, the Afghan can have a complete different look!
Well done girls, who is going to be finished first?


  1. Thanks for sharing those Lee. So are you girls hiding threads under there or finishing them off as you go? Ive got to start finishing them off, its getting a bit messy.

    Its neat to see how they're shaping up. Keep up the good work girls.

    I may come in last to complete this project, we are headed for summer in a few months, and a baby in August, DV.


  2. I just hid my threads for the photo. Love your colours Renae, and the others too.Mine hasn't been touched in a long time, so I'm not sure when mine will get finished......too many other projects to do in between. Have fun everyone

  3. Wow.. time for me to start to get some more done I think.. I doubt ill get mine finished first especially if i tell lee i have done some she makes sure she is ahead of me!! And Renae.. my ends are hidden too.. they are waiting for lee to finish off when im done.. haha :-) they are all looking good tho! Renae, is Melissa not doing it with you too??