Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hexagons WIP

They are getting there... I just have too many WIPs on the go...

20 hex's made, 8 to go. Centre cirles already made.
2 squares made, 2 to go.
And July is creeping up fast.
Here is the link to the hexagon bag in a previous post.

Sure I had a hex-eating-child the other day. I am sure I had finished 18, but after a catchup snooze the other day, my hex's had made their way onto the lounge floor and there were only 15. But I was told, "no mum, I haven't hid any of them, and nor Nadia". I guess time will tell if they show up in some inconspicuous spot...
(they do very well and not touching my hooks, patterns, yarn and crochet projects in general, even if it is right at their little hands height, in the lounge. She was just trying to count how many I had done ... )


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  1. Looking forward to seeing this one finished! The colours are beautiful :-)