Thursday, February 14, 2013

TISW {three}

From the sewing nook this week:
It has been an issue for sometime. One of our daughters is forever being told to hitch up her waistbands. They don't stay up. Belts are a toilet-in-hurry-nuisance for the young lady. Adjustable waist bands are done nice and tight only to cause the buttons to dig in and irritate. And you can't stick velcro to their skin.

A very simple and straight forward sew-in-a-morning skirt with 2-inch elastic as the waistband. 
Pattern link: sewinginnomansland.
 (I added the striped contrast fabric as an extra which wasn't in their pattern.)

With an after school fitting, it looks like it might solve the low hanging waistband issue. But 2-inch elastic on jeans or shorts? Poor kid. I think a few of these skirts might be added to her wardrobe.
Now just to find some pretty-ier elastic band. Striped maybe?
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