Thursday, February 28, 2013

TISW {five}

from the sewing nook this week:

Tash over at little bit of thyme started a sew weekly link up at the beginning of the year. This has been the best push for me to use and enjoy my sewing machine, and make it a regular part of my weekly routine. It doesn't have to be a completed project each week, but just get behind and stitch. This week I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have spent a few evenings behind the machine.

273 squares were all sewn into rows of 13 and joined together. I haven't sewn so much pink fabric in a long time. And I don't plan to again for a long time. I have had my dose. But the young lady loves it, they are her colours, and she has made early evening conversation with me as picks out  her favourite squares while she irons the seams open for me. (anything to help mum get it completed and making her confident with an iron)
Now to start cutting squares for the next two quilts. 273 x 2... did someone say 546? Thankfully I have a small pile already cut from the pink quilt that will make their way into both other quilts - but they are not pink!!

The ripple cushion was backed and a cushion was inserted. It joined the collection on the daughters bed. Bright, happy and cheerful. 

Have you sewed this week? What is your favourite sewing project? Why not join in with This Is Sew Weekly over on Tash's page?  There are tutorials applenty out there, to help in all areas of sewing. Next week I hope to conquer my aversion to buttonholes and zippers. Where is Mum when you need her?


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  1. I love that ripple cushion. I need to try again... maybe after a wine so that I am not too tense and make the foundation stitches too tight :)

    I see the pink storybook fabric you were talking about the other day- I think I have some of that for my cream quilt which will one day happen!

    Thanks for joining in Lee!