Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All was quiet... & another WIP

All was quiet. The noise of the holidays disappeared. It was just me and the little lady at home. Routine is finally taking its place back in the home. I listened to her silent playing. Happy in her own world of polly pocket and playdough.

The quiet home is now (happily) disturbed by the noise of a carpenters tools. My carport has been transformed into a workshop. We have fine pine dust that now lines our shelves - or anywhere it can find a place to call home. The littlest has the carpenter playing polly pocket. How many carpenters stop to play for a bit each day and don't mind the small footsteps and littleones natter while following them?

It's great when Opa comes to work.

Another WIP. 


(I don't plan to photo-bomb this craft blog with our house project, just once in a while as it progresses, DV.)

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