Thursday, February 28, 2013

ooh la laa...

ooh la laa...

It has been a while since I received the sample charts from Bendigo Mills. I have looked and admired all the charts over and over and dreamed off all the lovely things that could be crafted from the beautiful colours. But I haven't had the courage to place an order. I have never ordered material online. Only books. Maybe it is because I just couldn't seem to justify ordering a small amount and it wasn't what I was after.

Yesterday, I found a gift to myself. Down at our little local craft shop. She does have some hidden treasures down there. There was only two 200g balls on the shelf, and those two balls went to the counter. Considering I went there looking for bamboo cotton, I came home with a smile.  Now I have to pluck up the courage again before I make an order.

Crochet Valance pattern, upcoming for the girls room.
pinned valance

I have had a valance pinned on pinterest and the pattern printed
 and filed for sometime, ready to make for the girls new rooms.
 This morning we had craft group. It was gezellig. All working on our own projects. I did manage to work out (finally!) which 
terms it was written in - after first bluffing it - and made a little headway. 
But the pattern drastically needs editing and line breaks added.

It truly is lovely working with a nice cotton again.  

And before you leave today, here is miss 5. Found her sitting on the windowsill  at the end of the day looking busy. I asked her what she was doing: "Stitching like Grandma". 
I think she needs a little one on one lesson, Grandma.


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  1. Great find! I haven't tried their cotton, can't wait to see your end product!