Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A new project

A new sewing project requiring 273 squares.

Bit of a challenge as I haven't really sewn a quilt of sorts or this size before.
Looking forward to starting to sew them together, and learning new things as I go. Hopefully next week it will be a progress photo of actually sewing, and not just cutting out.
(it has been just a tad too warm to sit and work with yarn this week...)


  1. My knitting has taken the back seat this week too! just too hot! Love the yellow fabric on top Lee! All the best with sewing them together!



  2. oh, whoa.

    Way too many exclamation marks in that comment :)

    One too many cups of tea today I think!

  3. Cutting takes just as long as sewing up, so once you've done that you're halfway there....almost! The fabrics are beautiful, I'm sure you're enjoying working with them :-)