Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rainbow Bunting

The other week, a fellow crafter and myself thought we would start a Facebook Craft Group for members of our church, to share our WIP's and our favourite crafts or anyone looking for help with their project.

To start the group off with a bit of fun, I organised a CAL for those interested, releasing a row of instructions per day. It was simple but effective. We used this pattern as our basis, but joining together was to individual likening. Here is my rainbow bunting of the last week.

Making a choice of colour was rather difficult. I opted to go for the rainbow colours, bright and happy for birthday and celebrations, rather then for a bedroom theme colour. Others in the group made bunting for room decor - really the use is unlimited.

My pile of colour.

Joining the bunting. I have worked 3 rows of dc along the top, all going from left to right, so I can easily add more bunting if desired. (which I plan to do!)

Blocking the bunting.

Hanging today, ready for birthday dinner tonight. Just need to add balloons.

I also have another WIP nearly finished which I am keen to share with you, as this one was started months ago, and then packed away after other interesting projects came along. But happy to see this one nearly finished. Check back soon!


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