Tuesday, August 21, 2012

made for you: simple & girly

When my daughter received a party invite, my brain went into overdrive.
Something simple, and something girly, something I could whip up quickly (like in an afternoon sitting of quiet time, oh plus a bit of time in the evening darning in the ends).

and after a quick trip to the shop and a look in the gift box in the cupboard, I have a cute little granny-square bag fit for a little miss turning 5. Which little girl doesn't like having a bag to carry her treasures in?

Notepad and pencil, and tissues like mum, and a matching necklace and bracelet to look all pretty... little fiddly stuff 5 year olds enjoy!

Now the pattern...? I saw a similar one pop up in my newsfeed on facebook the otherweek, and thats where I got the idea from. But the pattern is my own. Two granny squares, joined together on the three sides and add a carry strap, and then have fun darning in all the ends from the various colour changes.

Easy and simple. And girly.

Enjoy your week.



  1. Nice colours and what a neat idea for a five year old!

  2. I love it, it's really sweet!