Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar

A few (quite a few) months ago I started this Amigurimi Hungry Caterpillar that I came across on Ravelry with a link to this blogspot. But as things go, I got sidetracted with other projects.
Last week, our kindy-going daughter did the Hungry Caterpillar topic at school, and that just gave me the enthusiasm to get this one cute caterpillar finished.

I had completed the red head, and two green balls of the body, before I had stashed it away. Then our youngest got the Eric Carle book for her birthday (yes we never had it!!) 
So last week, stretching over to this week, I completed the last 6 green balls, and then had the fun of stitching it together to get the arch shape, and then crocheting the little legs and antennas, and making the spikes down the back.

Emma patiently watched and waited for it to be complete, helped me find some buttons for the eyes,

and then this morning after the school run, while the towels were still washing, we all sat near the warmth of the heater, her and her younger sister busy with a Hungry Caterpillar colouring page,

and I completed his last leg, stitched it on, and took some photos.

After a trip to school for show&tell, he will make his home up on the bookshelf, with all the books.

One UFO turned WIP, finished. Now I must finish my Krista Throw and the Bouncing Ball Throw before I get sidetracted again... ahem.


  1. That's really cute. We have that book out the library at the mo, and the kids just love it. Marni was 'retelling' it to me this afternoon, it was very funny. How long did it take to whip up do you think?

  2. good question, Renae. I think I would give myself half hour per ball, not including stuffing them and sewing them up. then the fiddly legs, etc All up I would say 10hrs... but i don't think I could do it a straight 10 hours. gets a bit monotonous... and i do like variety!

  3. That's really cute. I love the hungry caterpillar and can remember reading to our boys alot. I had a chuckle when you said you did have the book because the other week on of the teacher aids wanted this book for a program she was planning on doing and when she went to get it from the school library I didn't have it. We double checked about 100 times and no we did not have it so straight to the bookshop and on to the shelf. We were all rather stumped that we didn't have it.

  4. Oh, I love him, Leanne! Well done!