Friday, July 27, 2012

Krista Throw: 20-23

As a person, I prefer throws and blankets to have an order in them. Even though there is no real pattern to this throw as it is a sampler throw, I have definately loved doing all these different squares. They have taught me so many different techniques for different effects. I guess I will just have to remember that each time I look at this throw. Looking forward to using these techniques in my other crochet work in the future
Only two more weeks/blocks to go. Getting rather excited about joining them altogether! I am planning on making some extra blocks and making it a 6x6 block throw rather then a 5x5. During the holidays I treated myself to the 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton book.

There are lots of nice blocks in there, just hard to choose which ones. I hope to join all the blocks up and then decide which ones/colour themed to make to 'fill in the gaps'.

Here are the last four blocks completed for the Krista Throw:

Block 20:

Block 21:

Block 22:

Block 23:
 I really liked how this flower was worked.
I think what did it for me was the centre of the flower!



  1. I enjoyed #23 too! I lost count in the middle somewhere but for once it didn't really seem to matter :-) Enjoy your book, I have that one too - although with a different cover? So many ideas in there!

  2. Love how your squares are coming along, it should look really great when it's all together. I love the crochet book you have. I also have that book and recently finished a blanket with all different squares from that book. It was a lot of fun trying out different squares.