Friday, August 24, 2012

excitement over grannys

We had excitement in the house last night, after there was bedtime-quietness from the young ones. Miss K (9y/o) had finally finished her last granny square for her cushion front that she is making.

She was so eager to start the joining process, she snuggled up on the couch with pleading eyes that said: 'I don't have to go to bed for another half an hour, please can you show me'. With my own eyelids extremely heavy, I showed her once, and away she was, and we got to enjoy her natter while she was busy.

I chose the ridge way of joining, as to me that's the easiest to teach and understand.
The colour choice is all hers with her using a bright green to join, as her quilt has a bright green in it. Although rather repititious, she has learnt to start each square now by herself, change colours and even the no-three-chain-turn for starting a new round! I am just wishing I had given her a bigger hook (she used a 4.0mm) so the squares would be a bit bigger!
This morning she was very happy to sit in the back of the car on the way to school, with it tucked under her arm, and she completed the second row of joining. As much as I am tempted to finish it for her, I know I will be in trouble for doing it, and I am not even allowed to make a fleece backing for it. She is determined to make one big granny square for the back.
I will just have to wait till 3pm pick up (reminds me, I had better put it back in the car!) and I can see what will happen after school seeing its friday, and no homework required!
It makes me have happy thoughts, that she will look back in years to come and see a project that she completed, with new skills, nearly all by herself.
Wishing you all a great relaxing weekend. One planned for this household!

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  1. What a great job she has done! Must have a good teacher :-) I love the bright green she chose too.